Android’s forthcoming “app cloning” aspect will make several accounts effortless

Android’s upcoming “app cloning” feature will make multiple accounts easy


Android 14 Preview 1 came out yesterday, and when Google is accomplishing its greatest to disguise the fascinating purchaser-experiencing options from this early launch (possibly because they’re not completed, or for a huge I/O reveal), which is not stopping the Online from discovering exciting features. ‘App Cloning’ is a new function seemingly concealed in the transport Preview 1 create, and Mishaal Rahman, composing for XDA, managed to permit it.

The aspect leverages Android’s multi-consumer technique to have two copies of the exact same application but with various details, allowing for you to log in to every single with distinct accounts. Some applications aid numerous accounts and some you should not, but this element would provide several account support to almost everything. It would also carry a terrific deal of regularity to owning various accounts—every application could deal with a number of accounts in the exact same way, with a single icon for account number one particular and a second icon for account number two. Underneath the hood, the whole feature seems a great deal like Android for Work but devoid of the sophisticated Do the job Profile set up course of action and with the capacity to decide on which applications you want to duplicate.

App cloning in Android 14.
Enlarge / Application cloning in Android 14.

You could have seen this aspect in some Android skins and third-party applications, so this is building it into Android appropriate as component of the typical upstreaming system. As Android Technique UI guide Dan Sandler once stated at Google I/O, the Process UI team’s feature loop is usually “we see a paradigm in the wild, we just take it, we understand about it, we make it safer, and then we contribute it back to the framework for anyone to use in Android.”

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