4 Takeaways on Data Collaboration for Advertising and Marketing

Companies across multiple industries increasingly look to build a complete view of their customers or business by complementing their data with external business partners’ data. For advertising and marketing use cases, brands, media publishers, agencies and their partners want to collaborate using datasets that are stored across many different channels and applications to improve the relevance of their campaigns and better engage with consumers throughout their journey.

To achieve this, companies are investing in data clean rooms to allow multiple parties to analyze their collective datasets to facilitate more data-driven, strategic analyses with more comprehensive insights. Amazon Web Services (AWS) built AWS Clean Rooms to help companies and their partners more easily and securely analyze and collaborate on their collective datasets—without sharing or copying each other’s underlying data. With AWS Clean Rooms, customers can create a secure data clean room in minutes and collaborate with any other company on AWS to generate unique insights about advertising campaigns, investment decisions, and research and development.

Recently, the AWS Clean Rooms team met with a group of 50 customers and partners, including brands, publishers, and agencies, to discuss priorities for data collaboration. During this discussion, AWS asked the group to complete an anonymous survey about data collaboration. Following are the four key takeaways from our findings.

1: The top motivation for data collaboration tool adoption is customer data protection

Figure 1 – Collaboration motivation resultsFigure 1 – Collaboration motivation results

How we evaluated: We asked the group to select as many motivations as applicable when seeking collaboration tools from the five options listed in Figure 1. Responders could select as few or as many options, and numbers reflect the count of votes per option.

When prompted for why they seek out data collaboration tools in the first place, the top selected motivation from the survey group was customer

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