Top 5 Mobile Photo Editing Apps for Business in 2023

 Mobile Photo Editing

We’re all familiar with taking a photo on our phone, adding a filter and uploading it to social media. It’s fast, convenient and can be fun.

But what if you need to use images for your business? Will those same photos work there?

Not all that long ago, you would need to hire a professional photographer and/or photo editor to create business-quality imagery.

That’s no longer the case.

The quality of phone cameras is more than up to the task and phone editing apps are so sophisticated, they can deliver pro-quality images on demand.

Want to remove the background from an image? No problem. Want to remove objects from photos to showcase a product? That’s no problem either with the right app.

Apps have democratized content creation and now enable anyone, with any level of skill to create publishable images.

Photo Editing Apps

If you run an online store, sell on eBay or Etsy, or need product images for your website, photo apps can help.

Rather than having to hire someone or pay for Photoshop, you can download a photo editing app, remove the background or whatever it is you want to do, and publish the image.

It’s faster, cheaper, and more convenient than ever before.

How We Evaluate Photo Editing Apps

We could talk about generative AI, stable diffusion, or Memory Efficient Attention, but that’s the kind of topic that excites us and developers. It’s not necessarily something that would excite you.

As a busy business owner, you’re likely more interested in speed, ease of use, and the end result. That’s how we evaluated these photo editing apps.

We also mention cost too as that’s also important!

How easy are they to use? How complicated is it to remove objects from photos or perform background removal? How good

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The top Android video editing apps

Short-form videos such as Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok Stories have taken over social media by storm. While all of these social media apps have robust in-app editing features, nothing beats a dedicated video editor app on your phone. You can also create stunning memories from your recent holiday trip.

If you’re new to video editing, the apps we’ve selected tend to be easier to use than desktop apps like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. And if you’re looking to up your video game, our favorite Samsung Galaxy phones have excellent cameras. The apps in this guide were selected because they offer powerful editing features without being difficult to use, work on most Android phones and tablets, and are inexpensive or free.



1 Adobe Premier Rush

Speaking of top video editing apps on Android, how can we not include an offering from Adobe? Adobe Premier Rush is a must-have app for Creative Cloud subscribers. Sign in with your Adobe account, import photos and videos from your phone, and check the video editing features. You can adjust video speed, combine several clips, pick from thousands of soundtracks, give color presets a try, and add graphics.

You can sync your projects and continue editing on another phone if you have a Premier Rush Premium or Creative Cloud plan.

Cost: Free / $5 – $35 per month

2 KineMaster

kinemaster video editor

KineMaster offers ready-to-use templates in categories like Instagram, YouTube intro, vlog, reels, gaming, and more. You can also create a new video from scratch. KineMaster presents the same familiar landscape interface with all the required video editing features. You can apply a voice changer, add stickers, effects, text, reverse video, and remove the background.

KineMaster has introduced KineCloud. Paid subscribers can

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