BlueBerry Is A Smartphone-Agnostic Keyboard Firmware

If you’re anything like us, you really, really miss having a physical keyboard on your phone. Well, cry no more, because [Joe LiTrenta] has made it possible for any modern smartphone whatsoever to have a detachable, physical keyboard and mouse at the ready. [Joe] calls this creation the BlueBerry.

A couple of metal plates and a mag-safe pop socket connect a Bluetooth keyboard to a Google Pixel 7. The keyboard/mouse combo in question is a little BlackBerry Bluetooth number from ZitaoTech which is available on Tindie, ready to go in a 3D printed case. What [Joe] has done is to create a custom ZMK-based firmware that allows the keyboard be device-agnostic.

In order to easily mount the keyboard to the phone and make it detachable, [Joe] used adhesive-backed metal mounting plates on both the phone and the keyboard, and a mag-safe pop socket to connect the two. The firmware makes use of layers so everything is easily accessible.

Check out the demo video after the break, which shows the board connected to a Google Pixel 7. It makes the phone comically long, but having a physical keyboard again is serious business, so who’s laughing now? We’d love to see a keyboard that attaches to the broad side of the phone, so someone get on that. Please?

Do you have a PinePhone? There’s an extremely cute keyboard for that.

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New Galaxy Xcover 5 test Android 14 firmware may include camera bugfix

While major operating system updates can be exciting, they can also cause issues, as Galaxy Xcover 5 owners discovered recently. Samsung released the Android 14-based One UI 6.0 update for the Galaxy Xcover 5 a few days back, and soon after, users started reporting an annoying camera bug.

The Android 14 update has broken the camera’s autofocus capability on some Galaxy Xcover 5 units, rendering the camera useless in most situations. Samsung stopped the update’s rollout soon after reports of the bug started pouring in, and according to our friends over at Galaxy Club, Samsung now has a new Android 14 firmware in development for the rugged phone.

Samsung has not officially confirmed it, but this new test firmware should include a fix for the camera issue. However, there’s no telling when the fixed update will be available. The Galaxy Xcover 5’s Android 14 update came out pretty late compared to other Galaxy devices eligible for Android 14 and One UI 6.0, so Samsung will hopefully work as fast as possible.

For now, if you have updated your Galaxy Xcover 5 and are facing the camera autofocus bug, all you can do is wait. We’ll let you know once we know more about the situation and when the fixed update is released, so stay tuned!

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Nintendo Switch Emulator Sudachi Latest Build Introduces Home Menu, Firmware 18.0.0 Support

Following the demise of the popular Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu, several other projects based on it began development, and one of them, Sudachi, was recently updated to support the console’s home menu.

The latest build of the emulator, build v0e54fcf, introduces support for the console’s home menu via QLaunch. The new build also introduces support for firmware 18.0.0, allowing the emulator to run games that require said firmware. Home menu support is now available for the Windows version of the emulator, and will be added to the Android version in the near future.

As already mentioned, Sudachi isn’t the only Nintendo Switch emulator that emerged from the demise of Yuzu. One of them, the Suyu emulator, encountered some issues soon after the first compiled build was made available online, although development is still continuing.

Despite the emulator being around for some time, Nintendo going after the Yuzu Switch emulator was only a matter of time, as over and over, the emulator was used to play games before their official release. According to reports, Nintendo used telemetry data from the emulator to prove that it was being used to play pirated games, and so the developers did have no choice but to settle with the Japanese company before the matter went to trial and avoid much worse consequences than paying $2.4 million and ceasing development.

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PlayStation Portal: TheFloW confirms exploit patched in Firmware 2.06

Hacker TheFloW has confirmed today that the PlayStation Portal exploit he revealed back in February has been disclosed to, and patched by Sony. Specifically, Firmware 2.06 fixes the vulnerability, says TheFloW.

Playstation Portal hack – the status

Back in February, TheFloW announced that he and hackers xyz and ZetaTwo had discovered a vulnerability and crafted an exploit chain to run on the PlayStation Portal. The hack allowed them to run PPSSPP, a PSP emulator for Android, on the PlayStation Portal (the PlayStation portal itself is based on Android).

The hackers disclosed the vulnerability to Sony, possibly through their HackerOne bounty program (the PS5 scope on HackerOne includes PS5 accessories), and Sony promptly fixed the bug(s).

As TheFloW correctly points out, to those annoyed that the exploit was disclosed to Sony, this doesn’t make any difference: either the bug is responsibly disclosed, then gets patched, and people who stay on a lower firmware will eventually benefit from it; or the it isn’t disclosed through responsible channels, gets released in the wild, people have fun with it for a week, then it gets patched anyway. Bottom line: in both cases, staying on a lower firmware is the only way to get, then keep the exploit.

Should you update your PlayStation portal?

I do not own the PlayStation portal but it is safe to assume that the device won’t connect to a PS5 if it’s not running the latest (or, a somewhat recent) firmware. So, ultimately, if you plan to use the device for its intended purpose, you’ll have to update.

Conversely, if you want to update it as a cool, generic android device with a great screen and controllers, you might want to stay on a lower firmware. I’m having a hard time seeing the benefit in that personally at the moment

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Firmware 2.8, Redesigned Android App and More!

Have you heard the latest news from Pebble? Pebble just released a array of incredible updates which includes a new software update (Firmware 2.8) and redesigned Android app (2.1.0).

“Kochamy cię!” Pebble’s updated firmware 2.8 includes full character support to a broad set of languages such as Swedish, Catalan, German, Danish, Norwegian Bokmål, Lithuanian, Portuguese and more. More than 98% of Pebblers worldwide are now able to receive alerts and messages and alerts in their native language. 

Just two months ago, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announced “one more thing,” which was in reference to the release of Apple’s Watch (iWatch). The Apple Watch is set to be released in Spring of 2015. The smartwatch is a customizable device which syncs with the iPhone 6. 

Unlike Pebble’s devices, Apple features a new interactive component called Digital Crown. Digital Crown enables the user to be interactive with the smartwatch while the screen remains unobstructed. 

The Apple Watch is priced from $349 USD. With its recent price drop in September, Pebble’s devices now retail from $150 to $99, while the Pebble Steel is priced at $199.

Features have always been an awesome advantage for Android. Pebble’s Android App v2.1.0 is stronger, faster and better. The new Android app update is part of a phased roll-out which is available today to only 10% of Pebblers who visit the Google Play Store, The company will also be expanding access within the next two weeks. 

The Android app has been redesigned for better performance, reliability and user experience. The app also offers the option to end calls in progress and full notification support. Users also can join Pebble’s Beta Channel for early access and test releases of the latest Android app version.

Pebble’s Android watch and app are much improved. The good aspect is that

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