GTA 5 modding community eyes expansion to Nintendo Switch, Linux, and Android: What to expect

Following the leakage of GTA 5’s source code in December 2023, a team of passionate modders is on the verge of achieving the long-awaited feat of making the iconic game playable on Nintendo Switch, Linux, and Android devices. This breakthrough has sparked a surge of excitement within the gaming community, as fans eagerly anticipate the prospect of experiencing the beloved title on new platforms.

Even though Rockstar Games has brought titles like Red Dead Redemption and the Definitive Edition GTA Trilogy to the Switch, notably absent is GTA 5 on the handheld console. However, seizing this opportunity, a team of modders has stepped up to tackle the challenge of porting the game themselves, according to reports from Sportskeeda.

Recent online videos teasing glimpses of GTA 5’s loading screen on Android devices have further fueled excitement, although the authenticity of these videos and their connection to the modding group remain uncertain. 

This has stirred a blend of excitement and doubt among enthusiasts, with some amusingly acknowledging the abundance of counterfeit GTA 5 mobile advertisements, while others voice concerns regarding the game’s suitability for the Nintendo Switch platform.

Nevertheless, the Switch’s capabilities make it a viable platform for hosting GTA 5, considering the game’s original release on hardware of similar specifications. Rockstar’s history of bringing titles to the Switch only adds to the anticipation for GTA 5’s potential arrival on the platform.

The consequences of the source code leak stretch beyond just the Switch, as modders are also delving into the idea of creating a mobile version for Android devices. This advancement brings hopeful opportunities for gamers across different platforms, though worries remain regarding possible interference from Take-Two Interactive, the publisher of GTA 5.

As fans eagerly await further updates, the impending release of GTA 5 on Nintendo Switch, Linux, and Android

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