Handling tables in Google Docs is now easier than ever

Drag ’em, move ’em, stick ’em in place

Google Docs is an essential part of the Google Workspace experience and one of the most widely used solutions for reading and writing documents online. And of course, it lets you add tables to your document in order to present information in an easily digestible manner. That doesn’t mean Google can’t make them even better, though. Now, the company is introducing further enhancements specifically related to table positioning for documents in the pages format.


Google is adding a range of new features meant to provide users with greater flexibility and control over the layout of text with tables in Google Docs, as announced by the company. You can now easily move around tables anywhere you want within a document and drop them in any position — and while you’re doing this, you can also wrap content around a table on a page. You can specify the wrap direction (left, right, or both sides) and set how much space you want there to be between the text and the table. This is similar to how images added to a document behave.

Improving table placements in Google Docs-anim

If you don’t want to drag the table around, you can instantly select a specific position within a page with quick layouts, saving time and effort. And once you’ve settled on a specific position or location, you can make it a fixed position to keep it in place, ensuring that your table remains in a pre-specified location regardless of other changes made in the document.

Last but not least, Google has improved the way Docs imports and exports Microsoft Word documents with tables, ensuring that the conversion process maintains consistency when transitioning between the two platforms.

These changes are rolling

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