Google Photos for Android now backs up all RAW images automatically

The Google Photos app has started automatically backing up all RAW images, reports 9to5Google. On a Pixel 8 that previously captured RAW pictures with the Pixel Camera app, the publication spotted Google Photos displaying a banner saying, “New RAW photos will appear in the Photos view and will now be backed up.” The existing RAW images on the device won’t be uploaded automatically.

Google Photos for Android now backs up all RAM images automatically

When you click a RAW photo, a JPEG version is also captured and uploaded automatically to Google Photos. That’s not ideal if you take a lot of pictures in RAW since RAW files are larger than JPEG and could fill up your Google One storage quickly. Not to mention, it will also consume more data for upload.

The source also reports that the uploaded image appears in the main “Photos” tab in the Google Photos app with the “RAW” label in its top-right corner. The JPEG file is considered a part of the “Burst,” and a switcher appears at the bottom when you open a RAW file, allowing you to switch between JPEG and RAW.

Google Photos for Android now backs up all RAM images automatically

When you are viewing the RAW file, you get “Set as main photo” and “Keep this photo only” options, while JPEG shows “Export this photo” or “Keep this photo only.”

Google Photos for Android now backs up all RAM images automatically

If you have limited Google One storage available, shooting only in JPEG is advisable since there’s no easy way to restrict automatic RAW image uploads to Google Photos.


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Google Pixel 8 Pro hands-on images confirm major design changes

Curvier edges and a flat display

Google’s Pixel 8 lineup is nearly four months away from its launch. But the phone’s renders and some marketing images have already leaked online, revealing the design changes Google has in store for this year’s refresh. Now, some hands-on photos of the Pixel 8 Pro have surfaced online, thanks to a tester who received the unit from Google’s device team for testing. The person went on to share the phone’s pictures on Reddit, breaking the NDA in the process.

From the hands-on photos, it’s evident the Pixel 8 Pro will have notably rounded edges than its predecessors (via Droid-Life). This corroborates a previous leak that had indicated the Pixel 8’s display curvature would be twice that of the Pixel 7 Pro. This should help make the phone more ergonomic and pocket-friendly. It also confirms the phone will ship with a flat display, bidding farewell to the curved panel found on previous Pixels.

Google Pixel 8 Pro test unit hands-on images leak

The phone’s fastboot screen confirms its “husky” codename, with the unit having 12GB of Samsung-supplied LPDDR5 RAM and 128GB storage sourced from SK Hynix. Plenty of stickers on the back confirm the device is meant for testing and evaluation purposes.

We also get a clear view of the triple-camera setup housed in a unified pill, which appears larger than before and seems to include bigger cameras. Google reportedly plans to overhaul the Pixel 8 Pro’s camera system with a newer 50MP primary sensor and a larger 64MP Sony IMX787 ultra-wide sensor. Coupled with the faster ISP of the Tensor G3 chip and staggered HDR, these upgrades should lead to a noticeable bump in the image quality of the upcoming Pixels.

The Google Pixel 8 Pro looks quite sleek in the hands-on images, though this is a test prototype, and the

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The top 5 Android and iOS apps of the week: Geocaching, AI images & games!

Of course, we tried out all the listed apps in this article before recommending them to you. This means you can install them on your Android smartphone or iPhone without any hesitation. Before we begin with our top 5 apps of the week, we’d like to point you to our app grab box: you can find it in our free apps of the week, where 16 apps that normally cost money are now free for a limited time only!

FrozenCity (Android & iOS)

Are you in the mood for a very special kind of city-building simulator? If you answered in the affirmative, then we have the right app for you with FrozenCity. In FrozenCity, you help survivors build a new home and survive the freezing temperatures to the best of your ability. If that sounds like too heavy of a responsibility for you, we reassure you that the survivors will share entertaining dialogues with you on what you should build next or which facility you should improve on.

  • Price: Free / Ads: Yes / In-App Purchases: Yes / Account Required: Optional
FrozenCity screenshots
In FrozenCity, it’s up to you to make sure the characters don’t freeze to death and have a new home to reside in. / © NextPit

You are tasked with assigning duties to the survivors — be it kitchen duty, building a new shelter, or even collecting wood and other resources. On top of that, there are other tasks that reward you with diamonds upon completion. In a nutshell, FrozenCity is an entertaining app with beautifully animated building processes and unique characters that you’ll quickly take to heart.

Geocaching (Android & iOS)

Are you looking for an excuse to get out in the fresh air more and do not think that getting a dog is

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Google Bard gets visual as it learns to respond with images

Giving you a better idea of what you’re searching for

A few weeks ago, Google announced at I/O that Bard would be getting a host of new features in the coming weeks. Some, like exports and dark mode, have already begun rolling out, but others have taken a bit longer to launch. Now, Bard is getting another one of the promised updates which will show users images that are relevant to their queries.

This new enhancement to the AI tool will provide visuals in search responses that will help give users a better idea of what they’re looking for. If someone is planning a trip, they can ask about tourist destinations they had in mind and Bard will also show images of that specific location. This feature will also be useful for people looking to buy a certain product. Alongside a brief description of the product, Bard will attach a picture so you don’t buy anything blindly.



Source: Google

For now, Bard will only be able to reply with images, but in a few more weeks, it’ll be possible to prompt the AI with images using Google Lens. Bard will also soon begin leveraging Adobe Firefly, an AI art generator, to help people create an image based off of their ideas.

As Bard continues to mature, we’ll surely see more updates and features that improve the experience. Until then, Google still has a few hurdles to get over. The AI tool is not yet available to anyone in the EU or Canada, and it’s still unclear when we might see it arrive in those two regions.

Until then, those who do have access will be able to enjoy generative AI features in other Google apps like its Workspace suite.

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