TikTok launches new ad performance measurement tools

TikTok has launched two new ad performance measurement tools:

  • Cross-Channel Partners – which analyzes how ads perform across different online platforms and touchpoints before a purchase is made to understand their overall impact.
  • Lift Partners – this assesses the effectiveness of ads on brand metrics, sales, physical store visits, and viewership for shows or media.

Given that conventional last-click attribution models fail to capture four out of five purchases attributed to TikTok, these new features are designed to offer marketers improved insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns on the social platform.

Why we care. A clearer understanding of the customer journey reveals the returns from your advertising investments, empowering you to make informed decisions about your ad spend moving forward.

Cross-Channel Partners. This feature analyzes the impact of TikTok ads across various marketing touchpoints before a purchase is made. It focuses on two key areas:

  1. Multi-touch attribution: This involves measuring the effectiveness of TikTok advertising across digital touchpoints. It provides marketers with a deeper understanding of the customer’s path to purchase, helping them identify the most effective channels to achieve their goals.
  2. Post-purchase survey (PPS): This survey-based tool integrated with e-commerce stores, helping advertisers understand how customers discover their product/brand and gathers attitudinal metrics (how customers feel about your product). By using the voice of the customer as a source of truth, PPS helps advertisers to gain a more complete view of attribution, contributing to a deeper understanding of advertising impact.
Cross Channel Partners 800x267

Lift Partners. Lift partners gauge the impact of TikTok advertising, focusing on four main areas:

  • Brand lift: This uses an engaging, in-feed polling experience to measure the impact of ads on brand lift metrics like Ad Recall, Awareness, Attitude, and Favorability.
  • Sales lift: Determines how effective advertising is in driving both online and offline sales, especially
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Meta launches genAI features for ads

This week, Meta announced it is beginning the rollout of generative AI capabilities in Ads Manager. These should be globally available by next year.

These capabilities are:

  • Background generation. The creation of multiple ad backgrounds allowing advertisers to choose relevant creative for their targeted audiences.
  • Image expansion. Automates the adjustment of image assets to aspect ratios suitable for specific channels like Feed or Reels.
  • Text variations. The generation of multiple text options based on the advertiser’s original copy to better reach selected audiences.

Meta has been testing the features in an AI Sandbox, making them available to a small and varied set of advertisers. Feedback includes saving “five or more hours a week,” said Meta.

Meta also reiterated the announcement made at the Connect conference that businesses will soon be able to use AI to generate conversational responses to customers on Messenger and WhatsApp.

GenAI magic. “I think the most interesting part is where it magically finds the right text and combination of elements to maximize ad effectiveness,” said Andrew Frank, VP distinguished analyst at Gartner.

Inserting generative AI into the Facebook (and Instagram) ad workflow is likely to appeal to the smaller businesses that constitute the bedrock of Meta’s advertising business. “Most of it is small brand advertisers and a lot of it is highly targeted, localized, topical content. A lot of the effort for those advertisers is the menial reformatting of videos to fit the right aspect ratio and stuff; so I can certainly see how that would be helpful for smaller organizations,” Frank said.

For the enterprise, it may be the case that ad creation takes place in systems before the ad is deployed in a Meta channel. “If you’re an enterprise, then you’re probably relying on your agency to do a lot of the things

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Microsoft Advertising launches new video ad product

Microsoft Advertising has launched a new video ad offering called Video and Connected TV (CTV) ads.

You can use this feature to create online video and CTV ad campaigns right within the Microsoft Advertising platform.

The new product offers “a special reach across large-scale properties” to help ensure your ad is served to your target audience.

Why we care. The Video and Connected TV (CTV) feature expands ad-serving possibilities while leveraging audience intelligence to target high-value customers, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Getting started. There are no set-up fees, no long onboarding processes, and campaigns are simple to optimize.

To get started, simply upload your video assets that best represent your brand, decide who you want to show your ads to then choose how often people should see your video ads across multiple devices. This can all be done in just a few clicks.

How it works. Microsoft’s audience intelligence goes well beyond just search intent. It’s a collection of authorized first-party data from various sources, all working together to connect you with your target audience.

Microsoft then applies machine learning algorithms to create audiences founded on consumer product and brand preferences, purchase history, content preferences, and geographical location. This approach is designed to improve targeted ads to help advertisers reach your best audiences.

Where are Video and Connected TV (CTV) ads served? Video and Connected TV (CTV) ads are served across Microsoft’s sites, publisher partners and on connected TV in the US:

  • Microsoft Start
  • MSN
  • CNN
  • Hulu
  • The Washing Post
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • People
  • and many more

More publishers are expected to be announced soon as the product is rolled out to markets outside of the US.

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What has Microsoft said? Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft Advertising, Liam Mackessy, told

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Android 14 beta 5.2 launches with last-minute fixes

Android 14 logo stock photo 4

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority


  • Android 14 beta 5.2 for supported Pixel devices is out now.
  • This release mostly focuses on fixes for the Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold.
  • We can’t imagine there will be another beta release before the stable launch.

We thought the fifth Android 14 beta release would be the last one, but then Google launched a 5.1 shortly thereafter. Now, here we are talking about yet another beta release. This must be the last one.

Today, Google is launching Android 14 beta 5.2. As expected, it mostly focuses on last-minute bug fixes. Interestingly, most of these fixes pertain specifically to the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet. Only two noted fixes don’t directly relate to one of those two products.

We don’t know when the stable launch of Android 14 will happen, but we are certain it is only a few weeks or even days away. As such, this will probably be the last beta before that stable launch. However, we said that for the previous point update, so anything is possible.

When Android 14 does land in stable form, it will likely only be for the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). We probably won’t see it roll out to Pixel devices until October, when the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro land. Google could change things up this year, though. We’ll just need to wait and see.

In the meantime, if you have any Pixel device newer than the Pixel 4a (including the Pixel 4a 5G), you can grab this latest Android 14 beta 5.2. We have instructions on how to install Android 14 if you need them.

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Google launches a fresh fleet of features across Android phones and watches

Summer is just around the corner, and Google is celebrating the warm season with a slew of updates across Android, the web, and WearOS. While we still have to wait for the June Feature Drop to hit the Pixel devices as a system update, the company is already rolling out new features to its apps and services on all kinds of devices.


Google is still in the process of creating more widgets, and that’s particularly clear with this feature drop. Phones and tablets are in to get new widgets for Google Finance, Google TV, and Google News. The former widget is apparently already rolling out widely, and it’s part of the Google app. It allows you to track your most important investments right on your home screen, in case you want some more anxiety whenever you turn your phone’s screen on. Meanwhile, Google TV’s widget wants to make it easier to find personalized watch suggestions at a glance, and the Google News home screen addition will offer the latest and most important headlines right at your fingertips.

Animation of new Android widgets for Google apps, with Google TV app being opened

Source: Google

While none of these widgets are entirely new concepts, they all share the same Material You design language, making them feel right at home on Pixel phones. The widgets are available globally on devices running Android 6 and newer.

Emoji Kitchen updates

Render of phone with Gboard's emoji picker opened, showing shark combo creations

Source: Google

When Google first released its emoji-merging feature for Gboard it was an instant hit, and Emoji Kitchen is only getting better with every passing month. As part of the June Feature Drop, Google is adding new summer-themed emoji combinations to the mix, though the company is still light on the details. A look at the image provided by the company below teases that some of the

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Ads Up Marketing Launches Web Resources For Addiction Treatment Marketing


Published April 25, 2023

Ads Up Marketing, an agency based in Boca Raton, Florida, has launched new web resources that focus on addiction treatment center marketing. The resources include drug rehab marketing, PPC advertising for addiction treatment, and hyperlocal social media marketing. The solutions-based digital marketing company works with the primary goal of helping its clients grow their businesses by offering a complete package of online marketing solutions.

A spokesperson for Ads Up Marketing says, “Growing your behavioral health brand can be a difficult process, because as unfortunate as it might be, drug addiction and substance abuse is a massive problem in the United States, and there are many facilities attempting to help those who are suffering with addiction deal with their problems. However, this space is very saturated by a variety of rehab facilities and health centers, which makes growth quite difficult for new entrants to the market, and our hope with our new drug rehab marketing resources is to make it easier for you to strengthen your brand’s position online.”

The team at Ads Up Marketing drives growth in drug rehab and addiction treatment marketing with data driven results

Ads Up Marketing’s drug rehab marketing resource provides facility owners with insights on how to enhance their marketing strategies and improve their online presence. This resource is meant to help facility owners attract more clients, and so doing, increase their revenues, and gain a competitive edge against their competitors.

The company has also released resources pertaining to pay per click drug rehab advertising. As Ads Up Marketing explains, PPC advertising is an important part of the modern digital marketing landscape. Their PPC advertising for addiction treatment resources provides valuable information on pay-per-click advertising to promote addiction treatment centers. This resource can help facility owners increase immediate clicks and leads and help bolster their client census. The PPC resource delves into details such as how

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