Google hid its macOS Android File Transfer app while launching Android 15 DP1

Is the company getting ready to finally update the outdated tool?


  • Google hid the download link for the macOS Android File Transfer app on the Android website.
  • The tool is still accessible on its own subpage and via Google search.
  • It’s unclear what Google’s reasoning is, but one possibility is a new tool altogether that works better than the File Transfer app.

Android phones and Macs don’t work well together, particularly when it comes to transferring files from one to the other via USB. Apple’s macOS can’t natively hook devices that use MTP for file transfer, like Android phones. That’s where the Android File Transfer app comes in, a little helper application for the Mac created by Google that makes it possible to move files between Android and macOS. Shortly after the launch of Android 15’s first developer preview, the download link for this tool has disappeared from the Android website, though.

When you scroll down all the way to the bottom of, you used to see a link to “File transfer” under its Support section that also lists options like Google’s Help Center or a shortcut to Google’s Find my device tool. As spotted by 9to5Google, the download link for the file transfer app is now completely gone. The publication was able to pinpoint the removal to roughly the time when Android 15 Developer Preview 1 was released.

Screenshot of's support section at the bottom of the page, missing the Android File Transfer app link


The File Transfer shortcut vanished from the support section on

It’s not clear why Google decided to remove the handy link from the Android website, but it might just hint at a better solution. The Android File Transfer app is notorious for its poor performance, with crashes and slow transfers making it anything but a reliable solution. Third-party file transfer apps for Macs like OpenMTP

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‘Earn and Learn’, Impressive culinary apprenticeship launching in The Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS — On the opening day of the new eatery Shovel Ready in downtown Colorado Springs there is anticipation further than producing wonderful food for consumers.

“Exciting, due to the fact this is a prospect to foster youthful men and women and move on what I have spent the last 25 several years discovering,” mentioned Executive Chef and Mentor, Ben Hoffer.

Hoffer will direct an innovative new method named Culinary Capstone that launches with the opening of Shovel All set.

It is an apprentice application with the intention of beefing up the pool of persons performing regionally in the culinary arts

“We need to revitalize, we want to get persons again into the workforce who are fired up and are energized and are educated and get our dining establishments staffed up so folks can carry on to assistance community independence,” reported Hoffer.

‘We are a workforce program that is using on 8 learners just about every 6 months,” mentioned system liaison Madison Ward

Ward is with the Group Cultural Collective which is the non-profit doing the job to revitalize and grow the historic Metropolis Auditorium as a hub for the arts in Colorado Springs.

Packages like Culinary Capstone are an extension of the Collective’s mission to develop and market the arts.

“Just incredible things arrives out of kitchens. And we want to see a lot more and more of that in our tradition in our local community,” explained Ward.

Since this software is also about strengthening the culinary and hospitality workforce it qualified for a federal workforce grant.

“We want to practice people,” said Ward, “But we also want to make absolutely sure they are paid out. So you, you get paid and understand is what we would say.”

Some apprentices might study the culinary earth is not for

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