Free your Tensor-powered Pixel phone from Google with LineageOS 20

The first LineageOS release is here for the Google Pixel 7 and other Tensor-powered phones

Google’s latest Pixel phones come with their very own Tensor chipset, a custom-made processor that’s available in the second generation already for the Google Pixel 7 series. This custom chipset certainly posed a challenge for both Google developers and custom ROM makers alike, as Google initially struggled to keep up with its own security update schedule and there was no official LineageOS release for the Pixel handsets for a long time. This is now changing, as LineageOS 20 has been made available for all Pixel phones powered by Tensor processors.


LineageOS updated its device wiki, adding all five Tensor-powered Google phones to the list of supported handsets:

Installation guides for all devices can be found within the links above, though at the time of writing, builds are only available for the Google Pixel 7, the Pixel 6 Pro, and the Pixel 6a — releases for the other Tensor phones are yet to be published. With LineageOS adding all Tensor-powered phones to its wiki, it’s likely just a matter of time until the builds for all phones are compiled and available for download. Be sure to check back soon.

As with any custom ROM, keep in mind that your device will lose its SafetyNet verification, which means that some apps might not run on your phone and some features are not available. There are ways available to get around this, but officially, LineageOS doesn’t want to offer ways to alter SafetyNet detection to avoid potential retaliation actions from Google, affecting all custom ROMs.

LineageOS also brought Android 13 to the Google Pixel 2 back in January, which is an impressive feat. Google abandoned its second-generation handset with Android 11, so unofficial

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Android 13-based LineageOS 20 arrives for the Google Pixel 2 family and more

LineageOS 20 is already available for a plethora of devices from Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Motorola, Sony, and even Google. Keeping the modding spirit alive, more devices are constantly being added to the list. The second generation Pixel phones are the latest Google devices to get the official support of the latest LineageOS release based on Android 13.

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL got their last official OS update from Google in 2020, taking it to Android 11. However, the phones are far from fading into oblivion due to consistent support from the aftermarket development community. The team at LineageOS has also added four additional smartphones to the official LineageOS 20 roster: the BQ Aquaris X, BQ Aquaris X Pro, Nubia Z17, and Nubia Z18 Mini.

Apart from the aforementioned phones, two Android TV boxes can now run official LineageOS 20 builds. The first one is the Askey-made Google ADT-3 Developer Kit, which is not exactly a consumer device. The Dynalink TV Box, however, is quite a popular choice among the Android TV community.

If you own any of these devices and would like to upgrade to Android 13, you can download the ROM from the links in the table below. The wiki links mentioned below will take you to the respective device pages, where you’ll find the LineageOS recovery image, the flashable ZIP file, and flashing instructions for your device.

Official support from the LineageOS team means builds will be compiled from the project’s source code, signed using the team’s signing keys, and distributed through their servers, rather than having all of these steps done by individual maintainers. There are plenty of custom ROMs available on the XDA forums from many talented developers, but people still flock to LineageOS because of its organizational structure and build delivery. Furthermore,

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