As Twitter flounders, Mastodon refreshes its official app for Android users

While Twitter is busy limiting the number of readable tweets and breaking its TweetDeck app, open source Twitter alternative Mastodon is celebrating the launch of a significant refresh of its Android app. The new app, released over the weekend, features a complete Material You redesign — Google’s design language for Android — as well as revamped features such as tab bars, settings, a compose screen, and more.

Mastodon founder and CEO Eugen Rochko shared news of the update on the Mastodon blog, as the social network — including its mobile apps, web version, and third-party clients — now reaches an active user base of 1.4 million monthly active users according to the company’s own data. That monthly active figure is up 19%, the website also notes, but is down from Mastodon’s peak popularity in the wake of Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover late last year, when it had then seen 2.5 million monthly users.

Today, Rochko shared that the number of active users across Mastodon rose by 294,000 over the weekend, and posting activity roughly tripled — figures likely tied to Twitter’s troubles.

According to Rochko, the new Android app out now features dozens of ways to customize the user experience in the new settings screen, ranging from being able to change the default posting language, to reminding yourself to add alternative text for your media uploads, to being able to hide the “boost” and “favorite” counters — the former, Mastodon’s version of Twitter’s retweet.

Android users can also access information about the server they’re connected to and view its rules. (In Mastodon’s decentralized social network, users join a server that is connected — or federated — with other servers across the wider network, and each server has its own admin(s) and moderation guidelines.)

In addition, the Android app’s

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The place are the good Android applications for Mastodon?

Lately, I started seeking for an different to Twitter (someway, I suspect I’m not the only one particular) and landed on Mastodon. I like it there: most of the residents appear to be good, helpful, and significantly less very likely to blow up than on Twitter. But soon after I started off acquiring employed to the interface, I realized that the mobile application, even though usable, left anything to be sought after. So when I heard that there was a new 1 in beta called Ivory that, in accordance to several accounts, furnished a substantially better practical experience, I was keen to try out it out.

And then I hit a common dilemma: Ivory is only available for iOS gadgets. I use Android.

Now, I’ve been working with Android telephones for a long time. I like Android, and I’m at ease with it, but I’m not spiritual about it. I’ve bought absolutely nothing at all versus iOS and iPhones I have acquired just one on my desk that I use for work uses. There are matters I like much better about iOS and factors I like superior about Android.

On the other hand, I have to confess that when I hear about an app that looks really straightforward and useful, go functioning to its site to see if I can consider it out, and locate that it’s only offered for iOS, I can become, for a instant, a thing akin to an angry 5-yr-previous. I want to engage in with this new toy, and I deeply resent anybody who states I just cannot.

I want to participate in with this new toy, and I deeply resent anyone who states I just can’t

I’m not the only just one. There have been some fascinating conversations on Mastodon not too long ago

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