The Best Navigation App For Android Auto

At the end of the day, it’s a toss-up based on preference. Waze gets a clear edge in navigation, which is what a lot of people will value the most while driving. While Google Maps does let you know if there are slowdowns ahead, it doesn’t always give you a different route to take, and it acts more as a warning instead. Google Maps has a lot of name recognition, and that’s a big reason why a lot of people use it. 

What you might not know is Waze shares a parent company in Google, so you’re not exactly leaving the ecosystem if you jump ship. You’re even able to create a Waze account with your Google account, so it’ll all feel very familiar. 

Considering the simple setup, give Waze a try the next time you’re driving and see if you like it. What it loses in basic quality-of-life features like restaurant reviews, it makes up for in navigation superiority. It all comes down to preference, and there’s not really a wrong choice to make here.

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This Navigation App Makes Google Maps and Waze Look Ridiculous on Android Auto

Sygic’s GPS Navigation software is one of the most advanced Google Maps alternatives, and in addition to supporting Android and iPhone, it also packs Android Auto integration.
Sygic overhauls its Android Auto integration
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Photo: Bogdan Popa/autoevolution/Sygic

Sygic’s sat-nav solution runs on the infotainment system with all the bells and whistles available in the mobile version, so you won’t feel like you lose anything when running the navigation on the bigger screen in the car.

The company has been working hard to improve Android Auto’s experience, and a massive makeover is now available for all users.

It all starts with better control over the audio experience. Like most navigation solutions, Sygic’s application allows users to configure what they want to hear, including alerts and turn-by-turn guidance. Thanks to this update, the application also enables users to switch tracks and adjust the volume from the main screen using the on-screen controls. Therefore, you can listen to your favorite tunes and podcasts without switching to another application.

The feature works similarly to Waze, which also comes with audio app integration. Waze supports most big names, such as YouTube Music and Spotify, and you can see song information and control the playback without interrupting navigation.

Sygic says it paid particular attention to multiple ways to improve the map interface, and the latest redesign is now available for everybody. The application includes simpler zoom in and out options that users can activate “with just a gentle tap,” as the company explains. The redesigned map interface also includes reorganizing waypoints of interest, so you can get more information by just looking at the map.

Sygic navigation on Android Auto

Photo: Sygic

The update also includes a more straightforward experience when looking for a fuel station. Beginning with this makeover, Sygic uses branded fuel station icons on the map, so you can see the nearby gas

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Android Auto Google Maps bug causes navigation to continue

Recent updates to Android Auto and Google Maps are leaving the navigation app open when you leave the car, which is an annoying little bug.

Android Auto just saw its 10.0 release last week, and in the days following a new bug has popped up. As always, Android Auto launches Google Maps when your phone is connected, whether that’s wired or wireless, and you can run navigation from the infotainment display. But, since the most recent updates, many have noticed that Google Maps will continue running, even once you’ve left the car.

The issue leaves a Google Maps notification ongoing on your Android phone with your navigation status. This persists even after the Android Auto session in your car has ended, and continues until you hit the “exit navigation” option.

Personally, I’ve been seeing this for almost a week on Google Pixel Fold running on Android Auto v10.0, as well as Google Maps v11.88. Several on Reddit have also noted the same problem with various Samsung and Pixel phones, and it seems to be happening both wired and using wireless adapters like Motorola MA1 or AAWireless.

This isn’t really a major issue, as hitting “exit navigation” patches things up, but it’s still something we hope to see fixed.

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Google app testing navigation rail for Android tablets all over again [U]

Google’s significant monitor optimization thrust carries on with the Research app adopting a navigation rail on tablets, however it is obviously early days.

Update 3/23/23: The Google application is after yet again tests a navigation rail in the beta channel with edition 14.12. Last year’s rollout was reverted immediately after a couple weeks.

This new iteration moves the a few tabs increased up the monitor. It’s essentially in the top rated-remaining corner of your display screen.

The Google app has also been sporadically screening a Material You redesign of the bottom bar and options.

Primary 11/22/22: The most up-to-date Google application beta — model 13.46 — switches to a navigation rail. Devoid of the base bar, you get to see a little bit extra of the Learn feed, as properly as Look for effects. 

Even so, this is not a Material You (MD3) factor as the icons for Explore, Lookup, and Collections really don’t use a tablet-shaped indicator, which is also the scenario for Google Tv set right now. Your present-day tab is just highlighted blue as a substitute of grey. The 3 aspects are positioned about wherever you’d put your thumb in its place of becoming particularly at the top, base, or even heart-aligned.

Meanwhile, there is rather a bit of padding amongst the navigation and exactly where articles starts off. This could use some adjustment in upcoming versions. For comparison, the Google application on the iPad utilizes a bottom bar.

It is a excellent start, but further UI tweaks and optimizations are wanted. We formerly enabled an M3 redesign of the Google application that really should also implement to the pill layout.

Google Podcasts previously functions a two-column layout (while a Product You base bar is made use of), though Lens supports landscape orientation. Additional not

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