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<p>Image Source: Freepik</p>
Image Source: Freepik

I’ve been investing for almost as long as I’ve been a digital marketing professional. I’ve grown to love and learn both with similar passion. The similarities, though, don’t end with me.

What one discipline has taught me has been applicable to the other, and that’s what led me to compile this list of 5 mistakes people make whether it’s investing or performance marketing, specifically self-serve advertising.

1.Over-optimisation: Practicing restraint is hard. Period. Which is why one of the marks of being a successful investor is the ability to not over-trade. Similarly, over-optimising a campaign can lead to you burning money. Marketers optimise everything from landing pages to bidding types so frequently, they can’t pinpoint which action led to which reaction, if any.

2.Over-dependence on AI: AI recommendations are great. Rely on them a little too much and you’re no different than an investor taking recommendations from exchanges. Both exchanges and publishers make money when you profit. But they also make money when you don’t.

3.Over-diversification: FOMO is a great communication strategy, not a media buying one. Marketers forget that when they chase a media mix of infinite platforms just to gain reach. Ever met an investor who made a CAGR of 20%+ with a portfolio of more than 25-40 stocks? More isn’t always better.

4.Excessive churning: Change is good. Knowing when to implement change is gold. For instance, I’ve run some ad creatives for longer than a year, and some for as short as 1 week. If you’re changing landing pages, creatives, or audience cohorts just for the sake of changing, you might as well just hand over your money to publishers. Multibaggers are identified by buying good stocks at all levels and holding on to them with conviction. The same goes for digital advertising.

5.Ignoring the

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The Pitch: Advertising and marketing news for 7.25.23


A flyer that Springstory and theMSQshop produced for Shockoe Records for an upcoming concert.

Springstory and theMSQshop were hired by Shockoe Records to provide PR, event promotion and creative services for its 804 Day block party event and RVA Rapper’s Delight concert at the Hippodrome. The two events will bookend the label’s inaugural Richmond Music Week Aug. 4-11.


Enso Media Firm completed videos for two new clients: New Kent County’s tourism division and bowling alley chain Uptown Alley. Work for both will include social media content, videos, ads and marketing materials, as well as management of their social media channels.

Rochelle headshot square WEB

Rochelle Sommer

Madison+Main promoted Rochelle Sommer to account manager. The VCU alum joined the firm in May 2021 as an account executive.

Xponent21 was hired by Weidmuller USA to provide messaging research and strategy services aimed at optimizing the electronic components manufacturer’s market positioning. Work includes conducting client interviews and market research to refine the firm’s messaging, strengthen its market presence and engage its target audience within the industrial sector.

The Idea Center is providing digital marketing and search engine optimization work for Sykes & Company, a North Carolina-based accounting and advisory firm. It’s also working with JV Consulting on a website update and branding.

Golden Word is providing PR representation to Duke’s Mayonnaise and Garden & Gun magazine.

Overcoast announced it is receiving East Coast representation from New York-based Commonwealth Reps. The music and sound studio also won a Webby award for its work on The Martin Agency’s “Save A Tree, Pee In A Busch” PSA-style campaign for Busch Light.


A screenshot of Red Orange’s website for The Center for Plastic Surgery at Sentara Princess Anne.

Red Orange Studio developed a website for Sentara Health’s Center for Plastic

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The Pitch: Advertising and marketing news for 6.13.23

Padilla completed a $2 million marketing campaign for Richmond Region Tourism. Called “Speaks for Itself,” the multi-channel campaign targets potential travelers through a sound-focused video approach and was funded using American Rescue Plan Act dollars designated for tourism recovery efforts.

The social media-style campaign includes a 60-second video, social media, digital display ads and out-of-home digital billboards in select markets. Padilla beat out more than a dozen agencies through a competitive process to land the campaign, which will run through June 2024.

The Valentine selected Padilla as its lead digital marketing agency after a competitive search. Work will include overhauling its website ahead of the Richmond museum’s 125th anniversary, and building a strategic digital approach spanning information architecture, user experience and design.

Cure designed a new website for the Virginia Department of Historic Resources. The redesigned site includes tools for users to learn about historic resources in the state and perform research to identify and document new resources for preservation efforts, among other features.

One of the billboards for Elevation’s campaign for the National D-Day Memorial.

Elevation launched a campaign for the National D-Day Memorial marking the 79th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. Work included outdoor boards that feature a multi-dimensional, backlit re-creation of soldiers scaling the cliffs of Normandy on D-Day. The boards are being placed in Lynchburg and Roanoke to encourage visitation to the memorial in Bedford.

Some of Release the Hounds’ work for Bitchin’ Boucha.

Release the Hounds rolled out a campaign for Richmond-based kombucha brand Bitchin’ Boucha. Called “Power Up Goodness,” the campaign announces the brand’s release of the first two flavors in its caffeinated kombucha line. Included in the three-month effort will be local event sponsorships, an Instagram giveaway and new merchandise.

Springstory was hired by Virginia Society of Anesthesiologists

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At least 2 Android users lost about $100k in CPF savings after installing apps , Singapore News

SINGAPORE – At least two Android users have lost no less than $99,800 of their Central Provident Fund (CPF) savings in June, due to scams involving malware.

In a statement on Saturday, the police said that the victims had come across advertisements marketing groceries like seafood on social media platforms, including Facebook.

The victims then contacted the businesses through their social media platform or WhatsApp.

They were then sent a URL to download an Android Package Kit (APK) file, an application created for Android’s operating system, to order groceries and make a payment.

Apps or APK files from the Internet or a third-party could contain phishing malware.

APKs are installation files for Android apps that can be downloaded from the Internet and third-party app stores, instead of the Google Play Store.

The victims are unaware that the application contains malware that allow scammers to access the victims’ device remotely and steal passwords. This includes Singpass passcode, among other things, which have been stored in the victims’ device.

“The scammer might also call the victim to ask for their Singpass passcode, purportedly to create an account on the application,” said the police.

Victims were then directed to fake bank application login sites to key in their banking credentials to make payment within the app.

The malware with keylogging capabilities would then capture the credentials keyed by the victims in the fake banking sites and sent to the scammer.

The scammers were then able to access the victims’ CPF account remotely using the stolen Singpass passcode and requested to withdraw the victims’ CPF funds through PayNow.

Once the CPF funds are deposited into the victims’ bank accounts, the scammer accessed the victims’ banking application and transfer the CPF funds away via PayNow.

The victims would only realise the scam when they discover

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The hidden environmental costs of digital advertising, Marketing & Advertising News, ET BrandEquity

<p>Representative image</p>
Representative image

Digital advertising has revolutionised the way brands reach their target audience, allowing them to connect with consumers on a global scale. However, with this increased connectivity comes a downside, as digital advertising has a significant impact on the environment.

One of the major impacts of digital advertising on the environment is the high level of electricity consumption required to power the servers that host online advertisements. According to a study by the University of Bristol, digital advertising accounts for approximately 8-10% of global electricity consumption, with a significant portion of this energy coming from non-renewable sources.

In addition to electricity consumption, digital advertising also contributes around 3-4% in greenhouse gas emissions, that is equivalent to the emissions of the entire aviation industry. This is due in part to the energy required to power the servers, but also to the production and disposal of the devices used to access digital ads.

Another environmental impact of digital advertising is the creation of electronic waste. The constant production and disposal of devices used to access digital ads contributes to the growing e-waste problem, which poses a significant environmental and health risk.

Despite these negative impacts, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the environmental impact of digital advertising. Companies can use renewable energy sources to power their servers, design ads that are optimised for energy efficiency, and encourage the reuse and recycling of devices.

As media buying is an important aspect of digital advertising, and it can also have a significant impact on the environment. Marketers have an important role to play in reducing the environmental footprint of digital advertising. Here are some media buying best practices that can help reduce the impact of digital advertising on the environment:

  1. Use Sustainable Ad Formats: One way to reduce the environmental
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The Pitch: Advertising and marketing news for 5.30.23

Caley Cantrell

Peter Coughter

Longtime Brandcenter professors Caley Cantrell and Peter Coughter are retiring after 17 and 26 years, respectively, at the graduate school. VCU News also reports on a group of students from Creative Circus who received their degrees at this year’s Brandcenter commencement after the Atlanta school closed last year.

The Idea Center was hired by Leo Lantz Construction to redesign its website. It’s working with Virginia Cardiovascular Consultants of Fredericksburg on a new website and ongoing SEO.

Will Sidaros

Idea Center hired Will Sidaros as a project manager. The George Mason alum has previously worked as a freelance videographer.

Spurrier Group was hired by Allianz Partners as the travel insurance company’s lead agency for digital media and marketing. Work will focus on scale the company’s audience base and digital strategy.

Addison Clark was hired by local builder River City Custom Homes to provide strategic marketing including paid and organic social media, search engine optimization, and web and design support. The agency launched a redesigned website for client Gilman Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. The mobile-first site reflects the company’s updated branding.

Kimberly Loehr

Kimberly Loehr of Loehr Lightning Protection Co. was awarded Virginia Professional Communicators’ 2023 Communicator of Achievement Award at the group’s spring conference this month. The award recognizes achievement in the communications field and service to VPC, National Federation of Press Women and the community.

Loehr is a co-owner of the Richmond-based contracting firm and serves as president of nonprofit Virginia Press Women Foundation.

Cade Martin won Best in Show in Communication Arts Magazine’s 2023 Photography Competition for images included in a branding campaign for the International Spy Museum. The campaign was led by D.C.-based agency January Third and involved Philadelphia-based NLD Productions.

Arts & Letters Creative Co. created an ad for ESPN

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