Your Google Assistant and Calendar reminders are now Google Tasks, for better or worse

Google finally took a step toward simplifying its task management system when it announced last September that reminders created with Google Assistant and Calendar would be integrated into Tasks. In March, some users started seeing the option to use Tasks when creating reminders, as Google prepared to make the transition mandatory. The forced migration has just kicked off, at least for Google Workspace customers.


Now, every reminder that you create in Assistant or Calendar will be automatically moved to Google Tasks. This means that voluntary migration is no longer an option for Workspace users. So, the next time you say, “Hey Google, remind me to buy a cup of coffee at 1PM,” the reminder will show up in both your calendar and Tasks.

Auto-migration is currently happening on all Workspace accounts, but only if your organization has turned on the Tasks service. Otherwise, all reminders will not carry over to Tasks, and they will be deleted after June 22.

Google urges administrators to change Search and Assistant users’ settings to let them use the voice assistant to manage tasks after the migration. Google Takeout should also be enabled, so users can export their Assistant and Calendar reminders.

For personal Google account owners, the forced migration will commence at some point in June, so keep an eye out for Google’s announcements. Once the transition is complete, users will be able to create tasks with Workspace web apps such as Gmail, Docs, Chat, and Calendar.

The integration should help Tasks stack up against the top to-do apps and finally make Google’s task management system make sense. Previously, the Tasks app and Google Reminders were aimlessly separated, with reminders created in the former kept isolated from those created in the latter.

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Google Calendar on Android may ultimately allow you established up personalized birthday reminders

Google Calendar stock photo 4


  • A new aspect was discovered hiding in the Android Google Calendar app.
  • The characteristic allows the user to develop customizable birthday reminders.
  • It appears that the feature is nevertheless in enhancement.

The Google Calendar application is a terrific way to remember the birthdays of all your close friends and spouse and children. Nonetheless, it only notifies you the day of the birthday, which is not best if you want to put together for the working day by buying a present or throwing an celebration. But it appears like Google Calendar could develop into a lot more handy in that regard in the around long run.

In the progress version of Google Calendar, a person who goes by @AssembleDebug on Twitter uncovered a new characteristic hiding in the application. By modifying a couple of flags in the 2023.08.2-511758217 variation of the app, you can trigger new UI things that make it possible for you to swiftly add new birthdays and produce tailor made notifications.

The capacity to include birthdays and anniversaries has been obtainable on the Android Google Calendar application for a very long time. Having said that, this attribute would mark the first time the application allowed customers to set and personalize reminders.

The way it performs is the app would open up up a popup asking if you want to include a birthday or not. If you choose “Not now,” the prompt will conceal under the application bar. When you want to include a birthday, it will carry up a card exactly where you can insert information and facts and include a notification of your picking. In addition to the photos, @AssembleDebug also integrated a online video demonstrating how it all operates.

While it would be pleasant to have this aspect tacked on to the existing expertise, really

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Google Reminders’ transition to Duties is now rolling out

Google eventually dealt with a significant complaint consumers have lengthy experienced with its undertaking administration procedure in September last year when it declared that it would consolidate all reminders in Google Jobs. It can be a very long-awaited update for one particular of Android’s most practical to-do applications, with the objective of producing Responsibilities a central hub for all of your to-dos throughout Workspace. This changeover, like all many others, is gradual, and Google formerly confirmed that voluntary migration for personalized account holders would begin in March. That time has come, and some people have noticed a prompt on their screen to use Tasks when location reminders.


The migration has long gone reside for a handful of buyers, which include some of our crew members and Android Police founder Artem Russakovskii. The transition signifies that all reminders from Assistant and Calendar will move to Responsibilities, providing you an simple way to deal with all your things to do in a one put. As Russakovskii points out, this also entirely eliminates the “Reminders” functionality from Google Calendar.

Likely forward, reminders made in Calendar or by means of Assistant will show up in both equally your plan and Tasks. Again, this fixes an incoherent divide between Google’s reminder and undertaking programs. Prior to the update, Google Reminders was unique from Google Jobs, with additions not syncing throughout equally. Calendar is now the unified area where you can see all your to-dos, whether you’ve got made them in Google Assistant, Google Calendar, or Google Tasks.

That stated, the new consolidation nevertheless has some kinks to iron out. For example, Google Keep reminders will not migrate to Responsibilities, so they are continue to distinct and unique to the Continue to keep application. Reminders created there will not likely

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Google details when Assistant Reminders will migrate to Tasks

What you need to know

  • Google is prepping its merge of Reminders from Google Calendar and Assistant into Tasks.
  • With the merge, users will be able to access their to-do items from Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and Chat on the web or the Tasks app directly.
  • Workspace customer, work, and school accounts will begin seeing a prompt to merge on April 12.
  • Personal accounts will see an early prompt starting March 6.

In a new Google Workspace blog post, Google details its plans for merging reminders from Calendar and its AI Assistant into the Tasks app. Workspace customers, work accounts, and school accounts can voluntarily migrate their reminders into the Google Tasks service beginning April 12. Those with personal accounts will gain their chance on March 6.

As the company has previously explained, users can view and manage all of their reminders in the Google Tasks once the migration is complete. This allows you to access your to-do lists from across Google’s various services, such as Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and Chat on the web. Users can create tasks in any of these and have them synced across multiple services without opening another tab or supplemental application.

A prompt to migrate Reminders from Google Calendar into Tasks.

(Image credit: Google)

Google Assistant will have the ability to create Tasks instead of the previously used Assistant Reminders feature. These new to-do items can be accessed directly through the Google Tasks app if that is preferable.

It’s important to note that on May 22, Workspace customers will have their reminders automatically merged into Google Tasks. Organization admins must enable Tasks for their members to begin the migration. If this is disabled, members of the organization will have their reminders automatically deleted after June 22.

While personal accounts can begin shifting their data over in early March, their reminders will automatically convert into the

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