Twitter app icon updated to ‘X’? Here’s how to revert back

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Twitter has completely changed recently and the most noticeable change is the new logo, which is a simple ‘X’.

Some people love the new logo, saying it’s a more modern and minimalist design while the majority hate it, saying it’s boring and lacks personality.

Twitter app icon updated to ‘X’ on Android

Now, Twitter has rolled out an updated app icon, denoted as ‘X,’ for its Android users. However, a substantial number of Twitter Android users expressed their disapproval of the new updated icon ‘X’ (1,2,3,4,5,6,7).

Twitter app icon updated to X

The complaints are primarily centered around the icon being less appealing, characterized as ‘ugly’. For others it doesn’t resonates with the Twitter brand they were accustomed to.

Negative feedback on social media platforms, including Twitter itself, is swift and vocal. Users vented their frustrations, voicing their dissatisfaction and concerns about the new design.

Some users even threatened to uninstall the app if they were forced to adopt the new icon, signaling the emotional attachment that some have towards old logo.

Wake up and trying to figure out when I downloaded a app named “X” lol what the heck is this? 😵‍💫 Had me pressing the icon like 🫣

I woke up this morning, looked at my phone, saw the new “X” app icon and for a moment I wondered where I got malware on my phone. Are we all just going to continue calling this twitter?

The implementation also seems to be a bit inconsistent. Some users are getting the icon but the app is still called Twitter, while

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