Google Paid Samsung $8 Billion to Make Search, Play Store Default on Mobile

Google agreed to pay $8 billion over four years to Samsung Electronics Co. to make its search engine, voice assistant and Play Store the default on the company’s mobile devices, according to testimony presented by Epic Games Inc.

James Kolotouros, Vice President for Partnerships at Google, testified Monday under questioning by an Epic lawyer in the San Francisco trial that Google devised plans to share app store revenue with Android mobile device makers to ensure their products were preinstalled with Google Play on home screens.

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Google suggested that Apple pre-install its Search app on iPhones


  • Google asked Apple to include pre-installed software as part of the antitrust trial, hoping to have a search app or experience associated with Google on iPhones.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook was not very interested in the idea, noting that they had different strengths when it comes to software.
  • The specifics of how the deal would look were not discussed, but it could have included pre-installing the Google app or having a search bar widget on the home screen.

Google Pixel phones and iPhones, as different as they may be, have one thing in common: Both don’t include any pre-installed software from third-party vendors. That’s not the case for all the best Android phones out there and definitely isn’t true for Windows laptops, but it’s something you could always rely on with Apple hardware. We’ve learned that Google asked Apple to change just that as part of the big antitrust trial concerned with Google’s search dominance.

The revelations come as part of evidence from the courtroom, springing from an email chain summarizing talks between Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Apple CEO Tim Cook (via The Verge): “When discussing how to encourage search, [Pichai] spoke about the fact that this is what we do — people trust us to get this right and trust us with the content of what they are searching for — and weaved in them considering us building an app or other experience that people associate with us and connect to us (vs. flowing through Siri/suggest.)” Tim Cook didn’t seem to be too interested at the time, though: “Tim listened but did not react to this specifically other than noting we had different strengths.”

In court, Pichai was asked to share insight on the motives behind this suggestion. He explained that the talks were part

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Google Antitrust Judge Told Android Contracts Blocked Startup Search App

Alphabet Inc.’s Google stymied the development of an upstart search app by invoking its exclusive revenue-sharing deals with Samsung Electronics Co., Verizon Communications Inc., AT&T Inc. and T-Mobile Inc., the founder of a tech startup told a judge.

“Time and again, the Google contract was the primary blocker for us distributing app search,” Alex Austin, founder of Branch Metrics, testified Wednesday during the US Justice Department’s antitrust trial in Washington against the tech giant.

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TheRegisterGoogle rebrands 'android' as 'Android' to remove any doubt about its affiliationsLOGOWATCH Google may have felt that 12,000 of its workers were surplus to requirements, but the search and ads giant has clearly kept plenty….1 day ago

TheRegisterGoogle rebrands ‘android’ as ‘Android’ to remove any doubt about its
affiliationsLOGOWATCH Google may have felt that 12,000 of its workers were surplus to
requirements, but the search and ads giant has clearly kept plenty….1 day ago
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Google Play now shows ads, events in search history

Ads already appear throughout the Play Store, and Google is now showing them when you start a search, alongside other visual tweaks.

When you tap the Google Play search bar at the top of the app, you previously just saw your last four queries. Now, you might see up to three “limited-time events as well as sponsored suggestions,” with past searches appearing below that.

Limited-time events are an existing tool used to promote streaming apps that might have a particularly interesting sporting match later in the day or in-game events. They often appear as cards in the Play Store’s main feeds. They are now surfaced in search history with app name, icon, rating, and download count.

Additionally, Google Play is also showing “sponsored suggestions” that are explicitly labeled as an “Ad,” though some users would consider limited-timed events to be essentially the same thing. Both types disappear as you start typing your search.

Moving search history further down the list is unfortunate and telling in terms of company priorities. Meanwhile, a small tweak sees more prominent icons next to past queries for easier sorting.

This change was announced in the April Google System Updates changelog and has been rolling out in recent weeks. (We first spotted a variant of it in November 2022.) Google this week also detailed other Play Store additions, including “key app and game highlights from what others are saying” in Play search results.

You can also get “apps and games to download over cellular data from the download notification while waiting for Wi-Fi.”

More on Google Play:

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