Google Wallet finally lets users share boarding and event passes

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  • Google teased months ago that it would add the ability to share certain passes with other users in Google Wallet.
  • That feature is now starting to roll out.
  • The sharing feature is available for boarding and event passes.

About three months ago, Google mentioned that users would be able to share “valuables” in Google Wallet. It was then discovered on the app’s support page that valuables referred to passes. Now the feature is starting to roll out in the app.

As discovered by 9to5Google, Google Wallet is starting to let users share boarding passes through links. The feature is also said to be appearing for event passes as well.

If the feature is available, you should see the share icon to the left of the overflow menu. When you tap the icon, you’ll then be greeted by a notification stating, “You can’t undo sharing of this pass. Once you share this pass, the recipient can forward it to anyone.” This dialog can be turned off by hitting “Don’t show again.”

Continuing on, sharing will bring up a system share sheet and generate a link for you to share. The person who receives the link can tap on the URL, which will then open up the Wallet app, where the pass can be saved.

In an interview with The Verge back in July, Google spokesperson Leismer Schulten confirmed that sharing would come to the Wallet app. At the time, Schulten provided boarding and event passes as examples, a remark that leaves the door open for the possibility of the feature being used for other things down the line. He also stated that it will be up to the companies that issue these passes through Google Wallet to enable sharing.

As the support page makes

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Native Android 14 share sheet will replace the custom menu on Google Photos

For those unaware, the share sheet is the page that shows up when you want to share an image, a website, or certain content from your phone. When you press the share button, this page shows up showing all the platforms and people that you can share with. According to Google News on Telegram (via 9to5Google), with changes to the Android share sheet taking place in Android 14, it seems that some of Google’s own apps will stop offering a custom share sheet and instead use the default Android share sheet.
For example, Google Photos is planning to follow Google Chrome and drop its custom share sheet for the new native Android 14 menu. Chrome used its own share sheet for years but is also taking the opportunity in Android 14 to help Google present a more unified software experience. The new Google Photos share sheet will include a preview on the top of the page with four shortcuts directly underneath (Send in Photos, Add to Album, Create Album, and Create Link). A Modify button in the upper right will allow you to select additional images.
The bottom of the default share sheet includes the apps used frequently by the device owner with a row of Direct Share contacts on top. So regardless of whether you are sharing a picture by sending it directly to a pal’s messaging app, or sharing a screenshot of your driver’s license to an auto insurance company via Gmail, the process is easy and simple to use. So far, the new share sheet has not yet made it to my Pixel 6 Pro running Android 14 Beta 5.3.
The release of Android 14 has been pushed back from the
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Google Photos share menu could be replaced in Android 14

Android apps, for a while, were adopting their own custom sharing menus, but that’s slowly going back to the way it should be. Android 14 revamps the share menu, and Google Photos seems to be preparing to replace its custom option with the system default.

Android 14’s new system share menu is more capable than it ever has before, and that’s partially aiming to stop the “fragmentation” that’s happened with Android apps that employ their own share menus. Google Chrome, for instance, has run a custom share menu for a while, and recently moved to the native Android share menu on Android 14.

Google Photos appears to be preparing to do the same thing.

As uncovered by folks in the Google News Telegram group this week, the Google Photos app is also preparing to move to Android 14’s native share menu in coming updates. The functionality isn’t live for all just yet, but screenshots show that the new menu will take advantage of Android 14’s app-specific actions to retain functions such as sharing backed up photos & videos as a link, sending content via Google Photos’ built-in messaging, and using albums. That’s alongside options for sending to contacts and other apps.

It looks great overall, but as for when this will actually arrive, we really don’t know yet. Android 14, though, should be coming out soon.

More on Android 14:

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Google Wallet will soon let you share your passes with other people

Google Wallet is set to get a new pass sharing feature that some users have been asking for since the days of its predecessor, Google Pay.

A new entry at the bottom of the support page now says that users can share “some passes” from their own Wallet with other Google Wallet users. “We are working on a feature that will allow Wallet users to share select passes,” Google spokesperson Leismer Schulten also confirmed to The Verge. Event tickets and boarding passes were provided as examples, though it’s up to the companies who issue passes through Google Wallet to enable the feature.

Pass sharing will only work with services that enable the feature

The new Google Play system updates will roll out throughout July. No specific services supporting the feature have been announced yet, but you’ll be able to identify which passes can be shared by a Google “Share” icon that will appear above them. The support page warns, however, that you can’t unsend anything once you’ve shared that link, and the recipient can then forward that pass to anyone they like.

Google has been adding a bunch of other features to its Wallet app in recent weeks, including support for state ID and driver’s licenses in Maryland and the ability to upload passes by taking a photo of them. This latest addition to the Google Wallet toolbox could make life a bit easier for those of us who get stuck organizing entertainment and travel arrangements for friends and family. Google is a little late to the party, though — Apple Wallet has supported pass sharing for years.

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Google Chrome may possibly quickly share just how significantly memory each individual tab is hogging

Additional transparency is generally welcome

We normally discuss of Chrome’s memory usage with a unfavorable connotation, even even though Google’s browser is a person of the greatest possibilities out there. With Chrome 108, Google started off having decisive steps to get rid of this image, rolling out new features like Memory Saver to enable reduce RAM usage and prolong battery everyday living. Now, it looks Chrome needs to be extra up entrance about specifically what is hogging all your memory.

The way Memory Saver functions right now, it tells you how considerably memory it freed when Chrome immediately snoozed a tab on your laptop or computer. The attribute is turned on by default in Chrome 110 and you may have noticed it in motion by now. Chrome qualified and Android Law enforcement reader Leopeva64 on Twitter observed a new Chromium Gerrit commit suggesting the browser could before long present you unique memory utilization for each and every open up tab when you hover your cursor on it.

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You can often pull up Chrome’s crafted-in endeavor supervisor utility underneath 3-dot menu -Far more resources –Job supervisor, or by hitting Shift + Esc to perspective for every-tab RAM use statistics. The interface also shows you network and CPU usage for all the tabs, but hovering a cursor on the tab is just way extra convenient. Specific use situations for the task supervisor will still exist, but if you are battling with various tabs on a weary Chromebook, you should not have to depend on guesswork when choosing which tabs to near.

The remarks on the Gerrit still suggest the feature is tough all around the edges, so it could be a while prior to we see it even in Chrome Beta. If

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Brands ARE Missing OUT ON Profits AND Current market SHARE Expansion BY NOT Participating Properly WITH Assorted COMMUNITIES & MEDIA Attributes, According TO Analysis FROM Direct Digital HOLDINGS

Virtually 90% of Varied / Multicultural People Report Having Favourable Motion as a End result of a Marketer Purposefully Investing in Their Communities, Such as Switching Brand names

Majority Cite Much more Favorable Emotions About Models That Market in Assorted / Multicultural Media 4 in 10 Far more Possible to See Adverts on Those Qualities When compared with Mainstream Media

HOUSTON, Feb. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Direct Digital Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: DRCT) (“Direct Electronic Holdings” or the “Corporation”), a major marketing and marketing and advertising technological know-how platform operating via its corporations Colossus Media, LLC (“Colossus SSP”), Huddled Masses LLC (“Huddled Masses”) and Orange142, LLC (“Orange142”), these days launched a new whitepaper, Bucks & DEI: Multicultural Consumers’ Insights on Brands’ Media Purchasing and Promoting Procedures. The findings expose that models, at a time of economic uncertainty, are at this time lacking out on substantial income and current market share development options – and jeopardizing potential expansion – due to a lack of suitable and purposeful concentrate on the Black, Hispanic / Latin, AAPI and LGBTQIA+ communities.

The whitepaper centers on distinctive investigate, commissioned by Direct Electronic Holdings and conducted by Horowitz Analysis. An in-depth survey, the outcomes highlight the perspectives of assorted / multicultural individuals, a team that contains two-fifths of the American consumer market place, but has not had proportionate focus from the promoting organization. 

The investigation tapped 1,342 U.S. older people 18+ from the Black, Hispanic / Latin, AAPI and LGBTQIA+ communities to share their attitudes and behaviors in gentle of the promoting world’s scattershot diversity initiatives.

In accordance to the conclusions, almost 90 per cent of assorted / multicultural consumers report using action because of a corporation investing in their community, which include telling other folks about the manufacturer, sharing their help on social

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