These 3 new Firefox Android extensions will help simplify your life

We’ve come to rely on our mobile devices for everything, from managing our online calendars to sharing an article we just read with our friends. So, how can we make it easier when we use our mobile devices? Today, we’re adding new extensions to Firefox Android to help. Whether it’s giving an email address to sign up for an account, sharing a URL with a friend, or listening to an article, here are the latest extensions for a better online experience. 

Protect your email address with Firefox Relay

Giving your email address in exchange for discounts may seem like a small price to pay. But chances are that third-party companies will soon start to bombard your inbox with unwanted marketing emails? Enter Firefox Relay. Now, available as an extension on Firefox Android, Firefox Relay hides your real email address to help protect your identity. Learn more about Firefox Relay here.

Firefox Relay hides your real email address

Get simple and clean URLs to share with ClearURL

Do you ever come across a newsletter or a product online and want to share it with a friend? Then, when you go and copy the URL, you notice it’s embarrassingly too long to send and has all these random letters and symbols. What’s up with that? Sites include tracking elements in the URLs for a number of reasons, but the bottom line is that it’s used to track you. ClearURLs simply removes the tracking elements from the links, so you have a simple and clean URL. Download the extension and share away!

ClearURLs removes tracking elements from links

Give your eyes a rest with ReadAloud

It’s the end of a long day and the last thing you want to do is to look at another screen. Yet, you still want to

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