Android Auto’s Google Maps is getting a sleek 3D look


  • Android Auto now supports 3D buildings on Google Maps, providing a more immersive experience on your car screen.
  • While navigating in the Maps app for Android, Google has started showing 3D buildings for a few users who have the option turned on.
  • Both features are gradually rolling out to the users, so there is a chance you may not see them on your devices just yet.

Android Auto got a major design refresh not too long ago that allowed more efficient utilization of your car’s screen. Depending on the display size and aspect ratio, Android Auto could display multiple apps side by side, like YouTube Music running on one side with Google Maps taking up the other half. It now looks like Google Maps on Android Auto is getting a more immersive view that its phone app has supported for long — 3D buildings.

The 3D buildings feature for certain cities has been around on Google Maps for more than a decade while there’s also a toggle to enable it. This immersive view is particularly helpful in finding a place easily, especially when you’re in a new city. It’s been available on the Maps app for Android and iPhone but hasn’t been an option on Android Auto — until now.


A Reddit user spotted that Maps on Android Auto has started showing 3D buildings for them recently. They hadn’t toggled any setting in the previous week, leading us to believe that it is a server-side change. As shown in the screenshot above, the buildings here appear translucent with the path you’re on in focus. Do note that the navigation isn’t turned on in the screenshot. Another user commented in the same thread that they too have the feature on Google Maps for iPhone but not on their Pixel 7.

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The Google TV app could be next in line to get a sleek new widget

Google’s love for widgets hasn’t run out yet

The Google TV app received its long overdue Material You makeover in December 2022. It was a major revamp, with the app’s background switching to a lighter shade of gray and the bottom navigation bar featuring pill-shaped icons. Despite the Material You love, the TV app did not gain any new features. This could soon change, with the company seemingly working on a home screen widget for the Google TV app.


9to5Google reports that Google TV appears as an option in the Widgets list on their Pixel 7 Pro running the Android 13 QPR2 beta. While they could place the 4×5 widget on their home screen, it only displayed a “Google TV” search bar flanked with search and remote options on each side. Tapping on the widget opens the Google TV app’s home screen, clearly indicating that it is under development.

Source: 9to5Google

Considering the 4×5 size, the widget could show content recommendations from various Google TV sources. Netflix provides a similar 3×2 content recommendation widget.

In its current version, you cannot resize the Google TV widget to occupy less space on your home screen, though this might change in the future. It also does not seem to work or load on other Android devices.

Google TV is not the only app bound to receive a home screen widget. The company is testing a 3×2 Material You-styled widget for its Contacts app. The widget was first spotted in November 2022, but there have been no signs of it since then. These new widgets might debut with the next Android 13 Feature Drop in March.

Google spent most of 2022 updating its apps like Google Translate, Play Books, and Google Drive with Material You-styled widgets. The company might

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