Google hid its macOS Android File Transfer app while launching Android 15 DP1

Is the company getting ready to finally update the outdated tool?


  • Google hid the download link for the macOS Android File Transfer app on the Android website.
  • The tool is still accessible on its own subpage and via Google search.
  • It’s unclear what Google’s reasoning is, but one possibility is a new tool altogether that works better than the File Transfer app.

Android phones and Macs don’t work well together, particularly when it comes to transferring files from one to the other via USB. Apple’s macOS can’t natively hook devices that use MTP for file transfer, like Android phones. That’s where the Android File Transfer app comes in, a little helper application for the Mac created by Google that makes it possible to move files between Android and macOS. Shortly after the launch of Android 15’s first developer preview, the download link for this tool has disappeared from the Android website, though.

When you scroll down all the way to the bottom of, you used to see a link to “File transfer” under its Support section that also lists options like Google’s Help Center or a shortcut to Google’s Find my device tool. As spotted by 9to5Google, the download link for the file transfer app is now completely gone. The publication was able to pinpoint the removal to roughly the time when Android 15 Developer Preview 1 was released.

Screenshot of's support section at the bottom of the page, missing the Android File Transfer app link


The File Transfer shortcut vanished from the support section on

It’s not clear why Google decided to remove the handy link from the Android website, but it might just hint at a better solution. The Android File Transfer app is notorious for its poor performance, with crashes and slow transfers making it anything but a reliable solution. Third-party file transfer apps for Macs like OpenMTP

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How to Transfer Data From iPhone to Android

Setting up a new smartphone can be a pain, but switching from one platform to another is downright intimidating, especially if you have a lot of apps and photos. Many people switch from Android to iPhone, but some do the opposite, moving from iPhone to Android in search of more hardware and customization options. If you’re a longtime iPhone owner who wants to explore Android, here’s how to become a green bubble (without losing your stuff in the process).

What you’ll need

How long it will take

The length of the transfer depends on how many apps and how much data you need to move. For example, I moved a total of 56 GB across four different email accounts, and it took about 30 minutes from start to finish. If you’re transferring 200 GB of data or more, it could take an hour or longer.

Before you begin

To get started, back up all of your iPhone’s data. You can use iCloud, use the Google One storage app, or store everything on a computer.

Next, turn off and deregister iMessage in order to properly send and receive text messages on your new Android smartphone. Go to your iPhone’s Settings menu, tap Messages, and turn off iMessage. In addition, while you’re in your iPhone’s Settings menu, tap FaceTime and turn off FaceTime. Then, to deregister iMessage, visit Apple’s support page for iMessage and scroll down to the “No longer have your iPhone?” section. Enter your phone number, click the confirmation link, and enter the code that Apple sends to your phone to complete the process.

Once you’ve disabled iMessage on your iPhone, you can start transferring your information and app settings to your new Android phone. You can do this in a few different ways, namely by using a direct connection

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Google will convey eSIM transfer characteristic to Android this year

Android will get a software for transferring eSIM profiles later this yr, Google exposed at Cellular Environment Congress (MWC) 2023.

Google will roll out eSIM transfer abilities to Android in 2023, which should make the procedure significantly easier than it at the moment is. For those who haven’t experienced to mess with eSIM but, customers at present want to unregister an eSIM profile from their old unit in advance of reactivating it on the new device. Often, this approach calls for speaking to your carrier (which, as most Canadians know, is a hellish exercising).

Even though it’s not obvious when these capabilities will get there, my cash would be on Android 14 delivering eSIM transfers. In aspect, this is due to preview builds of Android 14 showcasing in-advancement parts of the eSIM transfer resource.

Although an exciting enhancement for eSIM, it, sad to say, will not completely get rid of carriers from the course of action. Google also introduced that Deutsche Telekom will be a person of the 1st to undertake eSIM transfer on Android handsets. Whilst that signifies minimal for Canadians, it does point out Canadians will want to hold out for Canadian carriers to assist Android’s eSIM transfer aspect.

eSIM has been all around for some time, while help from carriers has so significantly been lacklustre. MobileSyrup’s artistic director Brad Bennett just lately hopped on the eSIM prepare immediately after switching to Rogers — his experience was, perfectly, not the most effective. Study all about it here.

Source: Android Law enforcement

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Google is Building eSIM Transfer Even Less difficult on Android Smartphones

One of the best matters about contemporary-working day smartphones is the simple fact that you are finding eSIM capabilities. This makes sure that you under no circumstances seriously have to use a bodily SIM in your smartphone and keep on using your cellular phone with full protection with no any issues. Nonetheless, there are some problems when it comes to shifting your device because you are unable to just transfer your present eSIM to a new mobile phone every time you upgrade. Effectively, Google is bringing a alter to Android that will make matters much better and far more uncomplicated.

Google’s new eSIM transfer attribute is coming to all Android telephones later on this calendar year, with Deutsche Telekom currently being the initial provider to support it

This is not the initially time we listened to about this. A month ago, it was found that Google is doing work on a function that will permit you transfer your eSIM from your aged Android cellular phone to a newer one particular. While at that time, we failed to know if it will at any time see the gentle of working day, Google has eventually long gone in advance and announced the new function at MWC 2023.

Nonetheless, Google has also stated that this attribute will be coming out later this 12 months, most likely with the launch of Android 14. But what is actually extra essential is that this will also require to be enabled on your carrier’s aspect. The research motor large has mentioned that the eSIM transfer characteristic will be supplied by Deutsche Telekom as the initially corporation. After the aspect starts rolling out to far more carriers, you will have a lot less difficult time transferring your eSIM from an more mature cell phone to a new phone.

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