10 more fun, niche, weird apps for Android (volume 2)

Water Resistance Tester weird apps on Google Play

There are so many apps in the Google Play Store. The last time we checked, there are over an estimated 3.5 million of them. Not every app is meant for popularity. After all, there can only be so many note-taking apps. This list is going to cover stuff that’s a bit more niche. We have already written the first volume of niche, weird apps. This is going to be volume two. Here are ten more excellent fun, niche, and weird apps for Android.

10 more fun, niche, and weird apps for Android

BuzzKill screenshot 2023

BuzzKill is a notification filtering app. An example of an app like this being useful is when someone messages you multiple times in rapid succession. The app can let the first notification through and then filter out the other two. It can also manipulate your notifications in other ways. For example, you can get reminder notifications, custom vibration for specific apps or contacts, and more. It’s kind of neat because notifications can come in large waves, and apps like this one can keep things reasonable. It’s $2.99 out of the gate, but there are no additional in-app purchases.

EKA2L1 screenshot 2023

EKA2L1 is a Symbian emulator. It’s capable of emulation several version of Symbial, including S60v1, S60v3, and S60v5. It’s mostly used to play old games like many great Android emulators, as you can see in the screenshot above. As such, some of the features are for gaming. There is custom key mapping and frame rate adjustment for those who want it. Symbian isn’t known for its gaming platform, so this is a fairly niche product, but it works well, and that’s why it’s here.

MacroDroid screenshot 2022

MacroDroid is a lot less niche than other apps on this list. It has north of ten million downloads, after all. However, with apps like Tasker

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