This Navigation App Makes Google Maps and Waze Look Ridiculous on Android Auto

Sygic’s GPS Navigation software is one of the most advanced Google Maps alternatives, and in addition to supporting Android and iPhone, it also packs Android Auto integration.
Sygic overhauls its Android Auto integration
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Photo: Bogdan Popa/autoevolution/Sygic

Sygic’s sat-nav solution runs on the infotainment system with all the bells and whistles available in the mobile version, so you won’t feel like you lose anything when running the navigation on the bigger screen in the car.

The company has been working hard to improve Android Auto’s experience, and a massive makeover is now available for all users.

It all starts with better control over the audio experience. Like most navigation solutions, Sygic’s application allows users to configure what they want to hear, including alerts and turn-by-turn guidance. Thanks to this update, the application also enables users to switch tracks and adjust the volume from the main screen using the on-screen controls. Therefore, you can listen to your favorite tunes and podcasts without switching to another application.

The feature works similarly to Waze, which also comes with audio app integration. Waze supports most big names, such as YouTube Music and Spotify, and you can see song information and control the playback without interrupting navigation.

Sygic says it paid particular attention to multiple ways to improve the map interface, and the latest redesign is now available for everybody. The application includes simpler zoom in and out options that users can activate “with just a gentle tap,” as the company explains. The redesigned map interface also includes reorganizing waypoints of interest, so you can get more information by just looking at the map.

Sygic navigation on Android Auto

Photo: Sygic

The update also includes a more straightforward experience when looking for a fuel station. Beginning with this makeover, Sygic uses branded fuel station icons on the map, so you can see the nearby gas

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