Telecommunication: Making Our Lives Easier


Do you remember when we had to physically walk to our friends’ houses in order to talk to them? We don’t either, because most of us rarely do this today. In fact, 90{829a5936b96c6d148c730a626cee8baf385a994eca73eba8aa48634adf4007bd} of Americans today, have cellphones. This means that 9 out of every 10 people you see, will have a cellular device with which they can send instant messages to others, a form of telecommunication, and call or facetime with anyone in the world, at any time. This means that they also have unlimited access to information with which to communicate what they are doing, where, and why. In this article we will be discussing what telecommunications are, why they are important, and how we are currently using them.


Telecommunication is defined as the “transmission of signals, signs, words, messages, sounds, writings, images, or information” sent through wire, radio, optical or other systems. In reality, even insects use telecommunication and maybe even more efficiently than us. Fireflies use their light shows to attract mates, and maybe we do the same with concerts and bar neon signs.

Telecommunication is important because without it, our current development would not have been possible. Imagine trying to grow a country if we didn’t have sounds or could speak. Imagine if we didn’t have a written language to hold different messages. The world would be one of quiet desperation.

Social media is the new and best telecommunication outlet because we no longer have to post a long-winded message on how we feel and why we feel that way. All we have to do is either take a picture of where we are or a short video explaining what we are doing, and people will instantly know what you are trying to communicate. The most powerful form of telecommunication used to be television, but it is now outdated, with YouTube being taken over by channels full of creativity and popularity.

If we go back to some of the Native American tribes of the U.S., we know that they used to use smoke signals to communicate with fellow tribesmen who were far away. In the same way, current gangs use their own sign language and colors to speak to other gangs in an underground code. In the more recent advancements, computers and artificial intelligence use a series of ones and zeros to understand the incoming information, much like has used its servers to allow hundreds of thousands of calls, texts, and emails.


In conclusion, we have briefly summarized the idea of telecommunications and touched upon how it has evolved from smoke signals, to hand signs, to ones, and zeros. Without telecommunication, it would have been much harder to evolve to the point we are at today. We can see this in the hieroglyphs in Egypt, where pictures were used as writing. We have flipped this on its head by now writing very lengthy books to describe images in our heads, that oftetimes become moving cinematography.