The Latest and Greatest: Awesome Android Apps for Your Tablet or Phone


Apps seek to make life easier and fun. An Android owner has so many options. It’s difficult to keep track of what apps are new. Also, apps get like things in your home. You don’t want to be an app hoarder. Keep things simple and awesome. Here is a list of tablet and phone apps you want and need.


Get Your Read On


Some still love the tactile feel of a book. Others adore the selection and convenience associated with digital media. Download the Amazon Kindle app. Get access to newspapers, magazines, and the latest book titles as well as the classics. Download titles at reasonable prices and always be finger touches away from your entire digital library.


Entertain the Kids


Kids have been celebrating cartoons for generations. Bring ideas to life with a cartoon apps. Toontastic 3D allows users to make a few graphic screens to splice together for an animated ‘cartoon.’ Obviously, you’ll need to pair your 3D characters with music and dialogue.


Get Better Rest


A bunch of research suggests it’s better to unplug before going to bed for a better night’s rest. For example, rather than play video games or watch television, a person would do better reading a book before bedtime. But people read screens and not pages in the digital age. However, some apps, such as Twilight, change the screen to promote a better night’s rest.


Stay On Top of the Weather


It’s a question as old as conversation. What’s the weather going to be like? You can stay on top of such questions and know the best times to take an umbrella, plan a mini vacation, or drive your SUV on the road rather than a car with 2-wheel drive. Download weather by Apalon Apps and get accurate forecasts, wind information, etc.


Take On Friends


Keep using your Android to talk and text with friends. But download Words with Friends to go up against them in a scrabble-like duel. Are you too good one on one? Try playing up to 20 games at the same time. There can be only one word master among friends.


Find the Words


How many words can you create in one minute? How shy are you to compete against complete strangers? Word Weasel counts down as players scramble to assemble words based on provided letters. Scores are calculated based on the number and complexity of words created.




You always wanted to learn another language but never had the motivation to attend classes and pay tuition. You don’t have to pay a thing to learn Spanish, French, Italian, etc. Download Duolingo and take advantage of the science-based learning opportunity.




Remember the days of roaming the aisles of video stores? Now, people do that with their fingers and eyes. Get access to hundreds of titles broken down into genres. For a monthly fee, Netflix offers hours of entertainment so you never miss out on the latest conversations at the office watercooler.