The latest firmware update for Surface Duo and Duo 2 brings nothing but problems

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After releasing the April 2023 firmware update in the middle of May, Microsoft is back with another release for its dual-screen Android smartphones. This time, the May 2023 firmware update has arrived on time. However, the news will not make Surface Duo owners happy: according to multiple reports, the latest firmware adds nothing but a headache.

What is new in the May 2023 firmware update for Surface Duo?

As usual, firmware updates for the first and second-generation Surface Duo bring only general Android security updates. Here are the details:

Surface Duo 1 Surface Duo 2
Update Version 2022.829.13 2023.425.15
What is new The update addresses scenarios outlined in the Android Security Bulleting for May 2023.
Extra steps The update does not require any additional steps to install
Known issues
  • The update does not contain officially confirmed issues
  • There are reports from users about the smartphones booting into recovery after applying the update.

Microsoft says the latest firmware for its smartphones has no known issues. Still, some users say their Surface Duos rebooted into recovery mode, prompting them to factory reset before proceeding (others report random reboots for no reason). Luckily, another restart miraculously resolved the bug and allowed the smartphone to boot without losing data.

The bug seems to be randomly affecting the original Surface Duo and its successor, so proceed with installing the latest firmware update at your own risk.

This is not the first weird issue haunting Surface owners this month. Microsoft recently confirmed a problem in Qualcomm’s camera driver that caused integrated cameras to stop working in ARM-powered PCs, such as the Surface Pro X. The company has already issued a temporary fix with a notable side effect: it allegedly lowers the image quality or disables parts of camera features. You can learn more about the problem and how to mitigate it in our dedicated coverage.

Source: Dr. Windows