The Modern Way to Get to Church

Have you ever felt guilty or bad because you practice a specific religion and you have not been able to find time to attend church? According to, Christianity is the most commonly practiced religion in the whole world with an estimated number of 2.1 billion believers. Many people these days are very religious, yet they seem to have trouble finding time to attend church. Life has its way of pulling you in all different kinds of directions. In addition, nowadays people have become so busy with the fast life of working a full-time job, taking care of multiple children, household chores, shopping, etc., that it makes it difficult to continue to practice religion. Because of the expectations of modern life, many people fail at upholding their religion. It is important that people get creative and think of ways that they can keep up with modern life and still be able to practice their religion and beliefs. One of the new modern ways to keep up with your religion is utilizing a church app that was recently created.

According to, there were 2.5 billion smartphone users and that number only continues to grow, estimating 2.87 billion users in the year 2020 . One of the best ways to get people to do something is by making it convenient for them. What is more convenient to people of all ages then the use of a smartphone? Use of a smartphone is one of the easiest ways to communicate with people. People can access their phone anywhere and anytime which makes it most convenient. Being able to connect with your church with your phone should decrease the amount of excuses and or reasons you have that prevent you from practicing your religion. instead of you coming to your church, you can still come to your church with using your phone. The app that was created allows you to your sermons, donate to the church, watch videos, and even pray with others.

Some people frown upon this because they may come from an older generation where things were done completely different. The thought of using your phone to replace attending church is a complete disgrace to some. However, for the more modernized people, this is one of the greatest inventions possible. People do not have to feel bad anymore or guilty for missing church. Busy people can still incorporate their religion and still be able to keep up with their busy lives. The reality of it, is that people are forced to live these busy lives because of the way the economy and society has become. People are expected to work and hold a full-time job to survive, take care of their families and fit in with society.

Overall, the creation of apps has only benefited busy individuals. Many people are very happy and motivated to further practice their religion because of the flexibility. People no longer must choose between their busy modern lives and their religion. There has been a new compromise with life and religion.