Tips for Choosing a Used Car

used car

For consumers who want to have a private car at an affordable price can impose his choice on a used vehicle. Of course that is not wrong to buy a used vehicle buyers candidates should be careful when selecting, and this is recommended seller : cars for sale.

Well, for those who are interested in buying a second hand cars, here are 4 stages of checks should be made when selecting a used vehicle, namely:

Physical checks of the vehicle. Physical checks of vehicles includes six stages:

First Come in and sit in the front seat, felt pad is noticeably deflated or not. This is one indicator of whether the car is actively operated or not. Ask the owner to start the engine and listen to his voice, check the performance of the lights, wipers, radio / tape. Pay attention to the numbers on the odometer.

Second, check the bottom of the car, whether there is putty behind ground, is there any rusted bolts, touch carefully to ensure the condition of the car is still good, at least 80{3928a1cce9645efcfd52ac6a2b3db76f8e79ca25180fb193f42c1b0f48216d03}. Check whether the rim of the wheels to bent or not, whether or not the standard tires. This will affect the replacement costs can reach a maximum of $ 400. If the entire bottom of the car looks rusty, then you should cancel your purchase because it means the car has been submerged in water.

Third, check whether there rust in the front bumper or other signs that indicate severe collisions have occurred. Check the condition of the grill, still original or has been replaced. Also check the reflector, if opaque, consider returning to buy it.

Fourth, open the hood to check the engine and battery condition. Make sure the screw-bolt does not rust, check the cable groove, check whether the car frame and body structure changes caused by collisions. If there are, you should cancel the purchase, because the repair costs could reach $150 to &200 and take three weeks to a month.

Fifth, check the position of the left driver, check if the water is still good chamber or rusty. Check whether the doorposts still symmetrical or not, is to determine whether the car never clash or not.

Sixth, open the rear hood of the car, if feels sluggish or easy. Check still symmetrical or not. Check where the spare tire, the tire is still there or not, rusty or not. And make sure all locks are still incomplete.

Check Document. After a physical check a vehicle’s finish, ask the owner of the car to show documents such as original documents, original vehicle registration, coffee original invoice, and the ID card owner. Match the name of the last owner with the ID card and vehicle registration will take care of so easily when behind the name. match with the chassis number engine number. Documents checks to determine whether the car first hand, used for personal, corporate, or taxi. Ask for routine care card to determine the maintenance costs.

Check whether the vehicle is in trouble or not. Ask the owner to meet in the nearest periodic test office to ensure that the vehicle is not problematic. Make sure the car is not blocked, it can be opened or not. This is to avoid problems later on.

When all phases of checks had been meet your standards, and decided to buy it. Make sure you get a stamp duty labeled frame and engine numbers and signatures seller.

Choose used cars from owners indeed requires precision and experience. If you are still not sure of your own ability, then you should come to a large showroom that warranty.

And for the purchase of direct sellers, try to check the clay body and the bolts never opened or not, hear the sound of the engine and asked for permission to bring the car to be purchased to the authorized repair shop. If the owner objected when will be checked into the formal workshop it must be careful because the owner may be afraid of his car never exposed to any problem is detected problems and what ever happened to that car, you should cancel the purchase of a used car Happy hunting at car dealers .