Tips for Motivating Yourself and Becoming a Successful Person

How to innovate yourself

As we all know, bringing mistrust in yourself is the most important factor why someone is not motivated. In general, this happens because we are fully focused only on what we want and forget what we already have and get. And if we only focus on what we want, then our mind will explain why we don’t get what we want, and when this happens it can create negative thoughts, such as past failures, irregular sleep, and personal weaknesses that dominate our minds. And very often we become jealous of our competition, and in those conditions our minds create logical logical reasons why we don’t succeed, and at the same time we have made bad imagery and assumptions about ourselves, so that we lose confident. And this thing if left unchecked will be dangerous for us, for more information : a course in miracles Spain

Then how do we get out of these negative thoughts?

The trick is to focus on gratitude, focus on what you have, on what you have achieved and achieved. Take the time to make a list of your mental strengths, your past successes, and your current benefits, so that our minds remain on a positive frequency, where you will realize how successful and competent you are. This can regrow your confidence and start building your success again.

It may sound a little silly that repeating things that we already know can improve our mindset, but believe that it can be very effective when we are down. Without our awareness our minds can manipulate the wrong things about the reality of life. The more negative things we think about, will influence and confirm that belief. If you believe that you can succeed, then your mind will look for ways to get it.

How to stay focused

FOCUS (Finding Opportunity Until You Succeed). The second fatal thing that can erode motivation is because it does not focus on what we want. If you are asked with the question: “Which is more dominant that you often think about, are you focused on what you want or focus on what you don’t want?”. If your answers focus more often on what you don’t want, why don’t you focus on concrete goals? Usually the things that you don’t want appear in the form of fear, and come to mind like: I’m afraid to be poor, afraid that no one will respect me, I’m afraid to be alone, etc. The problem is the thought of fear will not make us better, even we tend to do the fear, so that in the end the fear will eat you and eliminate your own motivation.

If you are trapped in the fear of thinking, then the first step you need to do is make a goal (goal) in life that is really clear and define it, because by defining your goal clearly, then you will follow it up in the form of action. If you are afraid of poverty, make a series of plans to create income for you. The key is to keep moving and take action to realize the goals in your life.

By focusing your mind on something positive instead of focusing on fear that disturbs your mind, then you have put your brain to work, which is the beginning of realizing your success. And the first step when you feel motivated is to take action right now, not to guess, and not to delay