Top Apps For Travel Fans

More and more, the things we do online are done on mobile devices.

If you travel, then you will find that all of your online activity is going to be via a mobile device.

That’s why you should be looking for the best apps out there to help you with your plans.

If you’re going to do anything travel related online, then make sure you are checking regularly so that you can be sure that you’re up to date with the best and latest deals.

And when you’ve found that dream vacation, don’t just splurge straight away! Make sure you’re reading what others have got to say and find their opinions on apps and holidays before you buy.

The App Experience

From ordering Uber to take out food, apps have become a part of modern life. It only follows that they should also become a part of the essentials in life like travel and holidays (yes, they are essential).

When you’re on the move, and often encumbered with suitcases and possibly the difficulty of language barriers, the right app can help you out.

Being able to find a good restaurant, parking, directions or sights, having a handy selection of apps on your phone can go a long way to making your holiday run a whole lot smoother.


Airbnb has to be the rising star of holiday apps. Whilst it is not marketed as solely an app for holidaymakers, it certainly is a fantastic addition to any holiday plans.

Simply enter your destination, dates and budget, and you’re presented with a handy clickable map to help you find the ideal spot to stay.


TripIt is a great app if you have a tour or any kind of schedule that involves multiple elements.

TripIt keeps all of your itineraries, bookings, dates and times in one easy place where they are easy to access.

You can view your itinerary for the day, and even forward you travel plans on to others to help them liaise with you.


Do you find packing difficult? It’s OK, most people do. Well, now, PackPoint is here to take away the stress of packing. Packpoint can suggest what to take based on your destination and length of trip. It can calculate washing frequencies and incorporate that into its estimates.

With PackPoint you’ll never forget to pack anything again, and you may begin to wonder how you ever managed without it.

Google Translate

Many people don’t know just how good Google Translate has become. The standard of accuracy improves year on year, and it has another little known function.

Translate interacts with your camera, so that you can point your camera at text written in another language, and Translate will overlay that text with it’s own translation into your language of choice.

Perfect for menus, art galleries, street signs and much, much more.


There’s a selection of our favourite apps. What will you take with you on your next trip?