Vital Things You Need to Know to Identify the Internet Needs of Your Event

Planners should learn to negotiate WiFi with event venues. Both parties should learn a brand new language in order to reach a good understanding as to how event internet services will be able to best help you meet the goals of your meeting.

Below are the three essential terms you have to know to ensure that you will choose the right service provider for your upcoming event.


Basically, bandwidth is the information you can receive and send over the internet that is available in two flavors, namely dedicated and shared. Shared bandwidth is what you have at your own home. Dedicated bandwidth, on the other hand, is not being shared with others and gets delivered to just one building 100{829a5936b96c6d148c730a626cee8baf385a994eca73eba8aa48634adf4007bd} of the time. This makes it more reliable, available, and dependable. At the same time, it makes it easier to understand what you are getting.


When you think of bandwidth, you think of the box sitting in the corner of your living room that needs rebooting every now and then. These things can do a wonderful job at home most of the time, and they are priced much cheaper compared to infrastructure used in hotels since they are for limited number of devices. You can ask your event’s venue to give you a floor plan including access points and ask a techie about the number of devices that can be supported in every room.


The people are the ones who make everything work. There are two tiers of support namely external an internal. For internal support, inquire about the people onsite to handle your WiFi needs. The offsite engineering team should also be considered as these are the ones who watch screens throughout the day to respond to network problems all over the world.

It is never wise to just settle for the first internet provider that comes your way. The event internet services of are guaranteed to deliver results in the best way possible.