WhatsApp Communities could make tracking events much easier


  • WhatsApp beta for Android introduces automatically pinned events in Communities, saving users the hassle of manually pinning upcoming events.
  • Meanwhile, the events functionality within community groups has been under development since last year and hasn’t fully rolled out to beta testers yet.
  • Separately, a new marker notifying users of end-to-end encryption has been added to WhatsApp, although its necessity is debatable due to existing encryption verification features.

WhatsApp has been quite busy with feature additions over the last few years. The platform announced the broader rollout of Communities in late 2022, while Channels became available globally last September. While the latter has seen a handful of feature additions over the last several weeks, we’ve not seen Communities getting a lot of upgrades.

But that’s changing with the latest beta of WhatsApp for Android (v2.24.3.20), which contains a handy addition to Communities — automatically pinned events. This builds on an October 2023 beta update, which first showed hints of the events functionality coming to community group chats. We also reported on the same beta version introducing a redesigned Ul to the chat app.

A screenshot of the community group pinned events on WhatsApp beta for Android

Since the process is automatic, group members/admins won’t need to manually pin an upcoming event for everybody’s attention. WABetaInfo reports that events are automatically pinned whenever a community member sets one up, with the event appearing on top of the community info screen.

It’s worth mentioning here that the events functionality is not widely available on the beta channel yet, so it’s been stuck in development since last year. This explains why I wasn’t able to set up an event within a community despite being on the latest version of WhatsApp beta for Android.

Nevertheless, the fact that WhatsApp is working on automatically pinned events suggests that events are going to be a big part of communities, so it shouldn’t be long before it’s rolled out to all. Pinning events on top of the community info page makes a great deal of sense, particularly as a means of offering quick and easy access to any upcoming special occasion shared between the members. As WABetaInfo notes, pinned events also save users the trouble of manually searching for the event by going into each group chat within the community.

Meanwhile, a previous WhatsApp beta update for Android (v2.24.3.17) released just before the weekend, introduced a new marker to notify users that chats are end-to-end encrypted. Thanks to WABetaInfo, we’re getting a good glimpse at this new text, accompanied by a padlock, positioned just below the contact’s name on the top.

A screenshot of new end-to-end encryption text on WhatsApp beta for Android

Additional text detailing end-to-end encryption

WABetaInfo says the feature also made it to the iOS beta earlier this month, so its appearance within the Android beta is along expected lines. This isn’t one of the major feature additions you’ll come across on the chat app, and we’re not even sure if it’s required.

WhatsApp for Android already lets you check encryption details by tapping the contact’s name from the chat and scrolling below to find the Encryption page. Users can even verify the encryption with a single tap from this page. A similar verification feature also exists within WhatsApp for iPhones.