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Xiaomi MIUI 14.1 based on Android 14 to come to these phones

Xiaomi, the popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has announced that it will release an intermediate firmware update, MIUI 14.1, for its flagship Xiaomi and Redmi series. While the company has been focusing on the development of MIUI 15, it has decided to release this update to avoid lagging behind its competitors in updating its devices to Android 14.

Xiaomi to Release MIUI 14.1: An Intermediate Firmware Update for Flagship Devices

So, the main highlight of MIUI 14.1 will be the new version of the system, based on Android 14. This is great news for Xiaomi and Redmi users. They have been waiting for the latest version of Android on their devices. The update will only be available for the Xiaomi 13, 13 Pro, 13 Ultra, Redmi K60, and K60 Pro. And is expected to be gradually rolled out between August and November 2023.

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Also, it is likely that Xiaomi’s decision to release MIUI 14.1 is an attempt to maintain its image. And avoid disappointing its customers who expect timely updates. The company may have faced negative feedback if it had waited for MIUI 15 to update its devices to Android 14. By releasing an intermediate update, Xiaomi shows its commitment to providing its customers with the latest technology and updates.

The Xiaomi community has expressed its excitement about the upcoming update. With many eagerly anticipating the new features and improvements that MIUI 14.1 will bring. Xiaomi has a reputation for providing high quality smartphones with regular updates. And this latest move reaffirms the brand’s commitment to its customers.

In conclusion, Xiaomi’s decision to release MIUI 14.1 for its flagship Xiaomi and Redmi series is a welcome move for its users. The update will bring the latest version of Android to these devices. And shows that Xiaomi is committed to providing its customers with timely updates and the latest technology. With the rollout expected to begin in the coming months, Xiaomi and Redmi users can look forward to the new features and improved performance that MIUI 14.1 will bring to their devices.


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