Xiaomi Pauses MIUI Updates on These Devices

Xiaomi has some news about their software updates. They won’t be making new versions of MIUI software for six of their smartphones anymore. This includes three flagship phones from 2021.

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The phones that won’t get new features for MIUI 14 are the Xiaomi Mi 11, Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro, and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. There are also three Redmi models, the Redmi K40S, Redmi Note 11t Pro, and Redmi Note 11T Pro+, that won’t get new features either.

But here’s the good news: Xiaomi will still release MIUI 14 with Android 14 for all these phones. So, you’ll still get the latest Android updates, but you won’t see new features in MIUI 14. They will gradually stop providing support for these phones over the next one to two years.

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Now, let’s talk about some other models. Seven more phones won’t be getting test versions of Xiaomi MIUI 14 with Android 13. However, this is not permanent. Xiaomi plans to start sending out these updates again after Android 14 is released.

So, what does this mean for you if you own one of these Xiaomi or Redmi phones? You’ll still get important updates to keep your phone running smoothly and securely. But you won’t see new features in MIUI 14 for a while.

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It’s important to keep your phone’s software up to date to ensure it works well and stays secure. So, even though you won’t get new features, make sure to install the updates when they become available.

Xiaomi is constantly working on improving their software and providing the best experience for their users. While you may not see new features right away, they are still committed to keeping your phone up to date with the latest Android versions.

In the world of smartphones, software updates are a crucial part of the experience. They help improve performance, fix bugs, and enhance security. So, even if you’re not getting new features, rest assured that Xiaomi is working to provide you with a reliable and secure smartphone experience.