You might have a discounted offer

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Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority


  • Google is offering a 75% discount on the first three months of a Google One subscription to select users.
  • This discount is available across all subscription tiers but only for the first three months of a new subscription.

While investigating an APK, we found that the Google Photos app is rolling out a new Google One discount offer to select users. Users are offered 75% off on the first three months of their Google One subscription, coming down to £0.39 per month for three months as against the usual £1.59 per month for the Basic 100GB plan.

Google Photos Google One discount (2)

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

We can see the discount across all subscription tiers: Basic 200GB, Standard 200GB, and Premium 2TB, but only for the first three months.

Google One discount in UK

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

So far, we could see this offer on a Galaxy S22 Ultra in the UK but not on the Pixel 8, though we cannot pinpoint all the regions this would be available in and all the devices it could be triggered through. Once the offer is marked for the account, the same can also be accessed on the web at

Curiously, we chanced upon this offer while investigating strings related to “personalized pricing” on Google One in the European region through the Google Photos app.

The Google Photos app has a new “Unlock storage discount” button that opens up the same discount screen. We are unable to ascertain if this relates to personalized pricing, but there’s a chance that it does.

If you’ve been waiting to get a Google One subscription, it would be worth checking the Google One and Google Photos app to see if you have a discount waiting for you.