YouTube’s new ‘posts-only’ feature focuses on community engagement


  • YouTube is introducing a “posts-only” option on the Home tab for mobile users, providing more ways for users to access community posts from their favorite creators.
  • The new feature allows users to see a variety of posts from channels they have engaged with previously or that YouTube thinks would interest them.
  • This update is currently being tested on selected Android and iOS smartphones, reflecting YouTube’s ongoing commitment to experimenting and improving user engagement.

With all the best entertainment apps out there, user engagement continues to drive progress. Sites are always refining, trialing, and unveiling fresh features to improve how users interact. Central to this is the ongoing transformation of YouTube, a leading giant in the realm of video sharing. It’s always ready to try something new. The most recent update from YouTube? A “posts-only” option on the Home tab for those on mobile devices.

As reported on the YouTube Support blog, the motivation behind this feature comes from the desire to offer users more ways to access Community posts from their favorite creators. Those who are part of this experimental phase may notice a “View all” button on individual Community posts while on the Home tab. Tapping this button unveils a plethora of posts from channels users have previously engaged with or ones YouTube believes might resonate with them. For individuals exploring this “posts-only” section, just a quick press on the back arrow in the upper left will take them back to the main Home tab. Right now, this update is under review with a chosen few on both Android and iOS smartphones.

YouTube’s history of experimentation isn’t limited to this recent feature. As we’ve covered before, YouTube is making a foray into gaming post-Stadia shutdown with the introduction of Playables for YouTube Premium users. In another ambitious move, YouTube rolled out a feature allowing users to search for a song simply by humming it. This innovative approach caters to those moments when a catchy tune is stuck in our heads but its name eludes us. In a bid to further enhance content consumption, YouTube has also dabbled in AI-generated video summaries, providing users with a quick snapshot of what a video entails.

However, the creation of a “posts-only” feed stands out, indicating YouTube’s recognition of the importance of community engagement. Community posts often consist of updates, polls, images, and other non-video content from creators. By giving them a more prominent platform, YouTube may be signaling a shift towards fostering tighter creator-audience bonds.

These test features offer a sneak peek into potential future rollouts. If you’ve ever wondered why your YouTube interface looks slightly different from a friend’s, chances are one of you is witnessing one of these experimental features.