iCubesWire announces tailor-made Innovative Ad Solutions & Influencer Marketing Campaigns ahead of the World Cup & Festive Season

iCubesWire, a global Audience Ad Tech Platform, has announced interactive ad solutions and influencer marketing campaigns tailor-made for the upcoming World Cup and the festive season. The company is set to help brands across industries in amplifying their reach and scoring the most engagement by tapping into the fervour of cricket, a sport celebrated with immense passion in India.

The company is developing custom influencer marketing strategies and interactive ads, to offer brands a competitive edge. By subtly integrating cricket with the brands, iCubesWire ensures a relevant advertising experience for the audience.

Plugging influencer marketing and interactive ads is crucial for brands during high-profile events like the World Cup to build brand recall. By bringing cricket personalities and interactive ads into the picture, brands can engage the sport’s extensive fan base, resulting in significant value increases and high audience reach, as evidenced by the 451 million unique viewers on Star Sports and over 1300 crore video views on platforms like JioCinema during the IPL’23 season.

The interactive and immersive experiences provided by tech-play and smart gadget sensors, along with the credibility of cricket personalities, serve as indispensable tools for brands. These aspects further enhance brand resonance, and long-term loyalty, allowing brands to leave a lasting impression during such events.

Sahil Chopra
Sahil Chopra

Speaking on the announcement, Sahil Chopra, Founder & CEO, iCubesWire, said, “In a country where cricket is almost a religion, leveraging topical events and trends as grand as the World Cup is crucial for brands to connect with the audience on a deeper level. Our innovative ad solutions and influencer marketing campaigns are designed to help brands capitalize on the immense popularity of cricket, allowing them to grab more eyeballs during the World Cup and the upcoming festive season.”

Eshaan Khosla
Eshaan Khosla

Adding further, Eshaan Khosla, Head of

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Google’s Find My Device icon gets a makeover ahead of big feature launch


  • Google is developing a stuff-tracking solution called the Finder Network to compete with Apple and Tile’s location-tracking services.
  • The updated icon for Google’s Find My Device app features abstract fan-like shapes that represent scanning and pinpointing lost objects.
  • The new version of the app could have additional features, including temporarily sharing device locations and editing contact information for accessories.

With most people losing their belongings almost on a regular basis, it’s no surprise that there’s been a sudden surge of Bluetooth tracking devices on the market. Thankfully, tech companies are also building out their own tracking networks. Google is one company that’s been looking into a stuff-tracking solution that uses its massive network of Android devices. When it rolls out, the new Finder network, as it’s aptly called, will expand the platform and bring it more in line with Apple and Tile’s location-tracking services. Ahead of its release, Google seems to have revamped the app’s icon with a more visually appealing look and theme.

As spotted by Android Police founder Artem Russakovskii, version 3.0.046-4 of Find My Device shows off an updated icon wearing Google’s colors, which include shades of blue, green, yellow, and red. We first caught a glimpse of the new icon back in June, when it appeared in a notification you get on your phone when you or someone else looks for a missing device.

It replaces the old green map pin engulfing a phone. Moreover, the new icon is more abstract, with two fan-like shapes that help to convey the idea of scanning and pinpointing. The updated design also looks like radar waves or sonar pings.

This is a fitting change, as the new Find My Device app will soon be able to track more devices, including Bluetooth trackers, apparently. So, in a way,

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Google Camera 9.0 update rolls out for Android 14 ahead of Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro releases

Google has now pushed its next major Camera update, which is rolling out as Google Camera 9.0. Previously, the update was rumoured to arrive after the release of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, pre-orders for which will open on October 4. Instead, Google has issued the new update a few weeks ahead of schedule, albeit with some caveats.

As always, Google restricts its Camera app to Pixel devices. Additionally, Google Camera 9.0 will only officially run on Android 14. As such, the sole way to experience Google Camera 9.0 is by enrolling your Pixel smartphone on the Android 14 Beta Program, which is currently on Android 14 Beta 5.3. However, Android 14 is expected to reach stable status this month for Pixel smartphones or early October at the latest.

Thus, Google Camera 9.0 is likely to be one of the first app updates that a recent Pixel smartphone downloads after it finishes installing Android 14. In summary, Google Camera 9.0 adds a photo/video switcher, changes up the list of default shooting modes and removes the rounded corners from the viewfinder. Moreover, Google has inverted the shortcuts for accessing the default gallery app and Locked Folder. Please see the screenshots below for what to expect from Google Camera 9.0 and how it differs from its predecessor, Google Camera 8.9.

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Sportsbet spends extra $19m in marketing blitz ahead of expected gambling ad ban | Gambling

Sportsbet has increased its marketing spend by millions of dollars in an advertising blitz ahead of an expected crackdown by the Australian government.

The business spent an extra $19m on marketing in the first half of 2023 compared with the same period the year before, the financial results of Sportsbet’s Dublin-based parent company, Flutter, show.

Flutter said the “additional marketing spend of £10m” was necessary “to defend our leadership position” in Australia.

The Australian market is fiercely competitive, with a number of new entrants. The industry’s annual turnover is worth around $50bn.

But the chief advocate of the Alliance for Gambling Reform, Tim Costello, said Sportsbet was spending big on ads while it could to generate profits before the expected ban on ads.

Costello, who lobbied the prime minster, Anthony Albanese, and opposition leader, Peter Dutton, to take action earlier this week, repeated his claim that ads were creating a new generation of punters.

“[Sportsbet] are being utterly irresponsible and that rise alone should destroy their social licence to operate,” Costello said.

“This proves a levy on Sportsbet is appropriate and why are we allowing our kids to be targeted by a foreign, Dublin-based company?”

Sportsbet said its marketing spend was “seasonal and dependent on a range of activities”. “This supports racing and sporting industries,” a spokesperson said.

This rise in marketing spending comes as the gambling industry lobbies ministers to water down a parliamentary inquiry’s recommendation for ads to be banned.

In June, the parliamentary inquiry called for a total ad ban to combat the manipulation of an “impressionable and vulnerable audience”. It called for a phased approach to the ban, starting with eradicating online inducements.

At the time, Sportsbet’s chief executive, Barni Evans, criticised the recommendations as disproportionate. He instead called for more measures to improve consumer protections.

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Android 13 QPR2 Beta gets remaining comments survey ahead of launch

Google launched Android 13 QPR2 Beta 3.2 very last week to close out the preview cycle and is now asking for remaining comments ahead of start.

Last week’s update was the “final QPR2 Beta construct before the official March general public release.” At the time, Google claimed that this would happen “in a handful of weeks.” In comparison to final yr, the subsequent beta Pixel end users can test should be Android 14 as a substitute of a QPR3 for Android 13.

Beta 3 was designed out there on the very first day of February with the previous month’s security patch. These previews typically wait around for the latest Android security update, with Beta 3.1 launched a week later to treatment that. 

The suggestions survey commences by getting you affirm the Android 13 QPR2 Beta 3.2 variation: 

  • T2B3.230109.009
  • T2B3.230109.006.A1 for Pixel 7 Professional

You can charge satisfaction throughout 13 areas: balance, functionality, battery, system temperature, digital camera, Bluetooth, call top quality, messaging, Wi-Fi connectivity, details connectivity, app practical experience, authentication (facial area/fingerprint), and charging (wired charging, wireless charging).

That is then adopted by a feedback study question on irrespective of whether you’d endorse Android 13 QPR2 Beta 3.2 in its “current state” to other folks and “how glad are you overall with the computer software knowledge on this edition of Android” from 1-5, as very well as how it compares to the “previous construct on your system.” 

End users are requested to identify a “top concern area” with the capability to depart extra particulars on the challenge and notice how it impacts the all round experience. An “additional suggestions on your experience” subject closes the survey, the place you can share other ideas.

Extra on Android 13:

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