The best calendar apps for Android

Quick: What app do you use to manage your calendar on your phone?

If you’re anything like most people I hear from, the answer’s probably something along the lines of: “Uh…whatever calendar app came on the phone when I got it?”

It’s a surprisingly common position, but guess what? On Android in particular, there’s a decent chance your phone’s default calendar app isn’t the best option. And it doesn’t take much work to give yourself an upgrade. In fact, you don’t have to look any further than this very page.

After much exploration and experimentation, I’ve identified the best Android calendar apps available for different styles of professional schedule management. Some are meant to act as replacements for the less-than-stellar services that come preinstalled on certain phones, while others are supplements that have the potential to add worthwhile functions into any Android calendar setup.

We’ll start with the simplest and work our way up to some increasingly advanced and feature-laden options.

The best all-around Android calendar app for most users

Google Calendar

If you don’t have any special needs or requirements — and especially if you’re already using Google Calendar on the desktop — Google’s own native Calendar application is a spectacular way to manage your agenda on Android.

And lest you think it’s too obvious to warrant inclusion in this list, remember: The Google Calendar app doesn’t actually come preinstalled on all Android devices, including the massive number of phones sold by Samsung. If you’re using a Galaxy phone in particular, switching to the Google Calendar app will represent a significant leap forward in both overall experience and protection of your data (ahem).

01 android calendar apps google calendar JR Raphael / IDG

The official Google Calendar app for Android is clean, simple, and easy to use — and it has all the basics most

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Google Calendar makes event sharing as easy as image sharing

Google Calendar is one of the best calendar apps for Android, mostly because it benefits from the tight integration with Workspace apps. Such integrations allow conveniences like snoozing Google Chat during Focus time. However, Google still doesn’t make it easy for event organizers to invite a large group of people. That’s finally changing, and we have our first look at how event link sharing will work in the Android app.

Back in March, we reported Google was developing a new Share button for Calendar events, but it wasn’t functional at that time. Now, though, @AssembleDebug on Twitter gives us a good look at how this feature will work, saving us the hassle of editing each event and manually adding in every invitee’s email address.

Once the feature rolls out to everyone, there should be a prominent Share button placed underneath the event name and date. Tapping it opens up the standard Android share sheet you come across when sharing any other files, like images and documents. Here, you can pick the communication app of your choice and send an event link to the intended invitees.

This method is way more convenient for urgent events and events with a long list of invitees. Chances are you were already discussing the details with said invitees in a Telegram group, WhatsApp Community, or Discord server. So, you can conveniently share the event link in that space. Every recipient of the link will be able to tell you their availability using three preset buttons — Yes, No, and Maybe. The on-screen description accompanying the buttons reveals the actual Calendar link for the event will be forwarded to their email IDs.

Note that it is already possible to share calendar invites that way in some instances. When a calendar event has a

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Your Google Assistant and Calendar reminders are now Google Tasks, for better or worse

Google finally took a step toward simplifying its task management system when it announced last September that reminders created with Google Assistant and Calendar would be integrated into Tasks. In March, some users started seeing the option to use Tasks when creating reminders, as Google prepared to make the transition mandatory. The forced migration has just kicked off, at least for Google Workspace customers.


Now, every reminder that you create in Assistant or Calendar will be automatically moved to Google Tasks. This means that voluntary migration is no longer an option for Workspace users. So, the next time you say, “Hey Google, remind me to buy a cup of coffee at 1PM,” the reminder will show up in both your calendar and Tasks.

Auto-migration is currently happening on all Workspace accounts, but only if your organization has turned on the Tasks service. Otherwise, all reminders will not carry over to Tasks, and they will be deleted after June 22.

Google urges administrators to change Search and Assistant users’ settings to let them use the voice assistant to manage tasks after the migration. Google Takeout should also be enabled, so users can export their Assistant and Calendar reminders.

For personal Google account owners, the forced migration will commence at some point in June, so keep an eye out for Google’s announcements. Once the transition is complete, users will be able to create tasks with Workspace web apps such as Gmail, Docs, Chat, and Calendar.

The integration should help Tasks stack up against the top to-do apps and finally make Google’s task management system make sense. Previously, the Tasks app and Google Reminders were aimlessly separated, with reminders created in the former kept isolated from those created in the latter.

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Google Calendar starts playing nice with Microsoft Outlook

No more bouncing between apps to accept a meeting invitation

Google Calendar is already a great way to keep your schedule organized, and it’s still getting better. A recent report suggested that Google was working on a feature that would allow anyone to RSVP to a publicly-shared event, but what are you to do if you prefer a different scheduling app — like Microsoft Outlook? Today the walls between the two are thinner than ever, as Calendar and Outlook pick up some powerful new interoperability tools.


Google now allows people who use both Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar with the same email address to seamlessly receive Calendar invitations — and subsequently RSVP to them with their preferred platform. After an event is created in Google Calendar, a meeting reminder will pop up in Outlook to let attendees know that it’s coming up.

This new layer of interoperability continues Google Calendar’s recent usability trend. Google has been readying an improved notification system for Calendar and Contacts that could support custom birthday reminders. While it might only be available to some as of right now, the update has slowly been rolling out to its users. Also in Google’s sights is spam protection, which has been enabled in many of its apps including Calendar and Google Drive.

Google’s not waiting around to get the ball rolling on this support for easy crossover between Outlook and Calendar events, and users of both services should start seeing the new functionality go live straight away.

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Google Calendar may possibly enable attendees invite on their own to your situations

As an alternative of sending invitations, why not just share the occasion?

Among the the quite a few calendar applications on Android, Google Calendar is a really superior 1. It is obtained some quirks that restrict its qualities when as opposed to its net customer, but it really is an uncomplicated achieve and does most of the careers you want performed. Now, we are mastering that it may well scratch a person of those people tough-to-access itches we have experienced for a prolonged time when it comes to sharing specific situations with other people.


At present, in get to share an event with other individuals as a result of Google Calendar in unique, you have to go by means of the rigamarole of modifying the function and inviting attendees by their electronic mail addresses individually or by introducing a Google Group (whoa, an obscure quasi-provider Google has not however killed). It truly is excellent for a great deal of scenarios, but definitely not brief, versatile, or functional when it arrives to obtaining the term out about a bigger group accumulating.

In accordance to @AssembleDebug on Twitter, Google is doing the job on deploying a share button that will seem in the vicinity of the leading of an event’s expanded description panel. Tapping on the button will generate a connection that can be dispersed via Android’s share sheet.

Owning a “Share with other individuals” button could let people to invite themselves to whatever’s going on in its place of having you waiting around on invitation responses from people today that may or might not appear. As you can see from the occasion URL created in one of the researcher’s screenshots, the characteristic still appears to be to be a do

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Google Calendar on Android may ultimately allow you established up personalized birthday reminders

Google Calendar stock photo 4


  • A new aspect was discovered hiding in the Android Google Calendar app.
  • The characteristic allows the user to develop customizable birthday reminders.
  • It appears that the feature is nevertheless in enhancement.

The Google Calendar application is a terrific way to remember the birthdays of all your close friends and spouse and children. Nonetheless, it only notifies you the day of the birthday, which is not best if you want to put together for the working day by buying a present or throwing an celebration. But it appears like Google Calendar could develop into a lot more handy in that regard in the around long run.

In the progress version of Google Calendar, a person who goes by @AssembleDebug on Twitter uncovered a new characteristic hiding in the application. By modifying a couple of flags in the 2023.08.2-511758217 variation of the app, you can trigger new UI things that make it possible for you to swiftly add new birthdays and produce tailor made notifications.

The capacity to include birthdays and anniversaries has been obtainable on the Android Google Calendar application for a very long time. Having said that, this attribute would mark the first time the application allowed customers to set and personalize reminders.

The way it performs is the app would open up up a popup asking if you want to include a birthday or not. If you choose “Not now,” the prompt will conceal under the application bar. When you want to include a birthday, it will carry up a card exactly where you can insert information and facts and include a notification of your picking. In addition to the photos, @AssembleDebug also integrated a online video demonstrating how it all operates.

While it would be pleasant to have this aspect tacked on to the existing expertise, really

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