Google thinks sound effects in the Phone app are a good use of dev time

Google is working on a new function called Audiomojis that will let you add sound effects to your phone calls. The attention to this new feature has done nothing but prove Google’s misplaced priorities. With users already facing numerous product frustrations, it seems counterproductive to focus on a feature that lacks a practical application. Instead of creating useless gimmicks, why doesn’t Google focus its resources on making Android better?

Aural absurdity

Need to gasp? There’s an app for that!

A Galaxy S24 Ultra calling a restaurant.

We recently reported on Audiomojis, Google’s upcoming phone call sound effects feature. With it, you can insert six sound effects into your phone call, complete with animations. Some of these effects include applause and sad (which I assume is a gentle sobbing sound). These effects could have been useful to use against telemarketers and scammers, but there’s a much more robust feature baked into Pixel phones for that. It’s called Call Screen and works like a charm, answering unwanted calls.

Audiomojis are coming for your Android phone

Sound-based reactions are currently in development for the Phone app

Aside from the sound, a related animation will pop up on your screen when Audiomoji is used, according to reports, adding another performative layer to the feature, which is exactly what you want when you’re on a phone call with your elderly aunt.

Unresolved issues

Google has a lot of other things to fix first

The Play Store is a dumpster fire filled with clones. Its algorithm barely works and, reviews are spammed by AI. Meanwhile, Android updates continue to be inconsistent across OEMs, and some devices will never receive core OS updates.

Then there’s Chrome, which is missing many features you can find on other browsers. For example, the ability to move the search bar to the bottom of the screen seems

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