Native Android 14 share sheet will replace the custom menu on Google Photos

For those unaware, the share sheet is the page that shows up when you want to share an image, a website, or certain content from your phone. When you press the share button, this page shows up showing all the platforms and people that you can share with. According to Google News on Telegram (via 9to5Google), with changes to the Android share sheet taking place in Android 14, it seems that some of Google’s own apps will stop offering a custom share sheet and instead use the default Android share sheet.
For example, Google Photos is planning to follow Google Chrome and drop its custom share sheet for the new native Android 14 menu. Chrome used its own share sheet for years but is also taking the opportunity in Android 14 to help Google present a more unified software experience. The new Google Photos share sheet will include a preview on the top of the page with four shortcuts directly underneath (Send in Photos, Add to Album, Create Album, and Create Link). A Modify button in the upper right will allow you to select additional images.
The bottom of the default share sheet includes the apps used frequently by the device owner with a row of Direct Share contacts on top. So regardless of whether you are sharing a picture by sending it directly to a pal’s messaging app, or sharing a screenshot of your driver’s license to an auto insurance company via Gmail, the process is easy and simple to use. So far, the new share sheet has not yet made it to my Pixel 6 Pro running Android 14 Beta 5.3.
The release of Android 14 has been pushed back from the
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Google Photos share menu could be replaced in Android 14

Android apps, for a while, were adopting their own custom sharing menus, but that’s slowly going back to the way it should be. Android 14 revamps the share menu, and Google Photos seems to be preparing to replace its custom option with the system default.

Android 14’s new system share menu is more capable than it ever has before, and that’s partially aiming to stop the “fragmentation” that’s happened with Android apps that employ their own share menus. Google Chrome, for instance, has run a custom share menu for a while, and recently moved to the native Android share menu on Android 14.

Google Photos appears to be preparing to do the same thing.

As uncovered by folks in the Google News Telegram group this week, the Google Photos app is also preparing to move to Android 14’s native share menu in coming updates. The functionality isn’t live for all just yet, but screenshots show that the new menu will take advantage of Android 14’s app-specific actions to retain functions such as sharing backed up photos & videos as a link, sending content via Google Photos’ built-in messaging, and using albums. That’s alongside options for sending to contacts and other apps.

It looks great overall, but as for when this will actually arrive, we really don’t know yet. Android 14, though, should be coming out soon.

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Google Pixel’s Call Screen gets a simpler Protection Level menu

Call Screen is one of the best features of Google’s Pixel phones. It does a great job at automatically blocking spam and robocalls. Plus, you have the option of manually screening a call as well when you want to know why the person is calling. On the Pixel 6 and 7 series, you get automatic call screening, so your phone can screen calls magically and block spam calls, thereby saving you time. To make your experience even better, Google is rolling out a small tweak to the Call Screen settings menu, consolidating the various screening options in a better way.


So far, Google’s Phone app provided granular controls over Call Screen for different types of incoming calls: Spam, Possibly faked numbers, First-time callers, and Private or hidden. Depending on your preference, your Pixel could silently decline the call, automatically screen the call and decline robocalls, or make your phone ring.

Left: Old Call Screen menu with granular options; Right: New Call Screen Protection Level menu

Google has now consolidated all these options under a single Protection Level menu with three options: Maximum, Medium, and Basic. If you only want to decline known spam calls, you need to use the Basic protection level for Call Screen. While Medium and Maxmium options reject spam calls, the former will also screen suspicious calls. When using the Maximum protection level, your Pixel will screen all unknown numbers.

The new Protection Level menu is less granular than before, but this is actually a good change as it makes Call Screen less intimidating for new users. Power users, however, might not be happy with this change.

Android Police News Editor Dallas Thomas got the new Call Screen Protection Level menu in the Phone app v106.0.534575879.

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Google Chrome on PCs could increase icons to the overflow menu

We could see the adjust in the massive 2023 visible refresh

Google Chrome is the website browser of choice for a majority of users on Android and desktop alike. Google appreciates it, and is eager to manage the healthy direct, so we generally discover the firm creating and screening new characteristics to enhance the over-all user encounter. In that vein, there is a considerable visual redesign in the pipeline for Chrome that includes a taller tackle bar and Substance You components, amid other things. Now, it appears the overflow menu on Chrome for desktop will incorporate new icons as element of the refresh.

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Chrome’s overflow menu is available by clicking the a few-dot icon in the upper-proper corner of the window on a Laptop or Mac. It is your gateway to the program’s configurations menu and other crucial tools like web page zoom, browsing historical past, and extensions. On Chrome 112 and previously variations, you will detect this overflow menu has a tiny blank room beside the list objects. Chrome attribute researcher Leopeva64 on Twitter claims Google could add icons to this area before long.

Google Chrome’s existing overflow menu (still left) Redesigned overflow menu with icons (right)

The researcher noticed a Chromium Gerrit commit mentioning “new icons for the toolbar.” You can see these new icons for you if you’re working the hottest variation of Chrome Canary (v114) and help the visible refresh element flag at chrome://flags/#chrome-refresh-2023. At the time you do, you will notice that Google has additional descriptive icons for practically all the options, other than a several like Password manager.

The inclusion would assist Chrome for Computer system match the Android app, which presently has icons in the overflow menu. Having said

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