Leveraging Digital Marketing to Grow e-Commerce Platform & Advertising Operations as Sector Online Channel Expands


Online alcohol beverage sales expected to continue to increase…

Founded in January 2021, LQR House Inc. (NASDAQ:LQR) is an emerging company that operates a growing online marketplace in the wine and spirits e-commerce space to facilitate overall sales and promote various brands. The company’s e-commerce platform is CWSpirits.com. LQR House is the company’s marketing agency focused on the alcohol industry. LQR is executing a strategy to become the go-to online source for alcohol brands. Some 44% of alcohol purchases were made online in 2020, according to IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, up from a pre-pandemic 19% in 2019. The company believes this bodes well for its strategy.

The company’s digital marketing activities are conducted through LQR House, while e-commerce is operated through the CWS platform. LQR is pursuing a three-pronged strategy built on three key pillars: e-commerce; growing its product portfolio and marketing emerging brands. The strategy includes providing full-service digital marketing and brand development services to brands in the alcohol sector. The company expects revenue to continue to grow as consumer awareness of the platform increases and as it expands the number of brands in its marketing portfolio. Moreover, the company’s strategy is to complement this anticipated organic growth with strategic M&A, including the potential purchase of and / or investments in marketing clients that might benefit from becoming a majority-owned LQR subsidiary.

To become what the company calls the “digital face of the alcohol space,” LQR is developing the infrastructure to offer a one-stop-shop of service and solutions to help alcohol and spirits brands grow and to make CWSpirits.com a leading platform for consumer engagement and purchases in the competitive alcohol industry. To boost brand visibility and drive consumer demand, the company uses a variety of marketing tools, including promotional activities leveraging a growing network of more than

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Reddit’s aspirations to lead ‘contextual and interest-based advertising’: How the platform is gearing up for 2024

In 2023, Reddit laid significant groundwork for its ads business. This included focusing on commerce and performance enhancements and setting the stage for a major push into the advertising market, possibly even including its long awaited IPO.

With a (potentially) big year ahead, Digiday caught up with Reddit’s COO Jen Wong and evp of business marketing and growth Jim Squires to get the lowdown on how the platform woos marketers, its stance on privacy and its focus on covering the full funnel in 2024.

This interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

Jen Wong: First, the thing that is texturally really different is our unduplicated interest graph; you can’t find certain targets on other platforms because users are not actually revealing their interests.

Second, Reddit is really different because it’s rooted in community. You can converse back and forth with a community, in addition to seeing people’s interests that you can’t see anywhere else. You can see what’s happening in these communities in a way that’s very rich, that you can’t see in other places. 

In 2023, we put a big effort into performance and measurement. So across the funnel, we’ve worked on Pixel adoption and measurement, we also launched Reddit brand lift and conversion lift. We’ve done an incredible amount of research with partners. We grow because we demonstrate the value. We’re very performance oriented in terms of outcomes for our clients.

Jim Squires: Tapping into the superpowers of the platform we also have potential keyword targeting, hashtags to the conversations that people are having are very unique to Reddit, and we also launched product ads. Once you start having some great cases and examples that really can inspire others. 

Wong: We have partners for third party measurement too. We created first party because small

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Ads on Lapse? Not yet—but marketers are keeping an eye on the new platform

The year TikTok officially debuted in the US in 2018, it had roughly 271 million monthly active users. Fast forward to 2023, and it now has more than 1 billion, according to Statista.

Not every new social media app has enjoyed that scale (we’re looking at you, Peach, BeReal, and Vsco)—but there are still plenty of apps working to stand out. This fall, a new app, Lapse, briefly topped the App Store after it required new users to invite friends before signing up.

Lapse allows users to take photos and share them, unedited, once they “develop,” like a digital version of a disposable camera. While it remains to be seen whether it will manage to outlive initial interest, the UK-based app is working on perfecting its current iteration, co-founder Dan Silvertown told Marketing Brew—and some marketers said they are keeping an eye on the app to see if it becomes a viable tool for their clients.

Second time’s the charm?

Lapse, which first debuted in 2021, is in a reinvention phase. The first version, Silvertown said, encouraged people to take photos with their friends when they were all together, sharing the pictures with the whole group afterward. And while photos were snapped during group gatherings like parties or vacations, the structure “didn’t work so well day to day,” he said.

The latest iteration of Lapse, which is the one currently available and which rolled out in August, was introduced to help sustain interest in the app, Silvertown told us.

“This new version of Lapse takes the same idea and concept of shooting on a disposable camera, but rather than shooting in a collaborative way, the shooting actually happens in an individual way,” he said. “It can be used by someone to journal their day and capture their memories.”

Marketers compared

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Behind the numbers: unmasking the complex reality of platform advertising 

You know it’s a pretty good time for advertising on platforms when even Snapchat manages to pull off a solid quarter.

The mobile messaging app saw revenue rise 5% in the third quarter following two straight quarters of declines. It’s safe to say this was a moment of relief for the beleaguered mobile messaging app, which was at the epicenter of an ad slowdown that drained ad spending from major platforms for most of last year and the first half of this year.

That slowdown seems to be over for now if the updates from the likes of Google and Meta are any indication. But here’s the real clincher: while online ad advertising seems to be on the rise across all the major platforms, they have all matured into slower-growth companies. The era of continuous blockbuster quarters is a thing of the past.

It might not look like this from the headline numbers doing the rounds, but dig below the surface and there are tells to look out for. 

Let’s dive into Alphabet’s recent financial update as an example. Just like Snap, its ads business had a pretty good third quarter. Search ad revenue saw a robust 11.3% growth compared to the same period last year, and YouTube did even better, with its earnings shooting up by nearly 12.5% to a cool $7.95 billion from a year ago.

So far, so good, right? But there’s more to the story when it comes to Alphabet’s outlook.

Take Google, for instance. Execs were all about showcasing the growth in YouTube and YouTube TV, according to Aaron Levy, the vp of paid search at Tinuiti. To him, it looks like Google is setting its sights on making a big splash in this space, trying to steal a chunk of the wallet share from

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Kroger Precision Marketing Builds In-House Advertising Platform to Power the Future of Retail Media

The retail media business of Kroger is expanding talent and capabilities to improve shopping experiences and increase advertising performance.

CINCINNATI, OH / ACCESSWIRE / June 28, 2023 / Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM), the retail media business of Kroger powered by 84.51°, is building the next generation of advertising technology in-house. The new KPM advertising platform will accelerate the ability for retail data to improve shopping experiences while also making it easier for advertisers to activate, measure, and optimize campaigns.

The new self-service platform will initially encompass Kroger’s existing product listing ads and onsite display advertising. It will later power KPM’s entire retail media service portfolio.

“Retailers are creating the consumer-first future of advertising,” said Cara Pratt, Senior Vice President of Kroger Precision Marketing. “We know we need to remove friction from the retail media buying process. Building a new foundation of integrated technology empowers brands and agencies to maximize retail media’s potential. Together, we will deliver a more convenient, personalized, and inspirational shopping experience.”

Retail media emerged with fragmented advertising systems for different media channels. By building an in-house advertising platform, KPM will offer a more unified marketing strategy between various on-site and offsite media channels. The new platform will also pave the way for greater interoperability with other media activation and management software.

As a self-service advertising platform, initial capabilities will allow clients to:

  • Reach relevant audiences using search-based insights and custom ad groups.
  • Design, iterate, and activate creative messages within the platform.
  • Customize and save multiple creative templates by brand and product.
  • Optimize all campaign elements including budgets, messaging, and flighting.
  • Build reports and boost performance against deterministic retail data – including sales lift, household penetration and unit lift.

All advertisers will be able to transition to the new platform before the end of 2023. Advertisers using

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