Roblox reports early positive organic lift after advertising beta test

Roblox is still developing its advertising offerings — but data from its advertising beta test, shared exclusively with Digiday, indicates that the platform’s Portals advertising product results in considerable organic lift for brands, a metric that has encouraged both Roblox and its partners as it progresses toward the full rollout of ads later this year.

Roblox announced that advertisements would be coming to its virtual experience platform last year, with Roblox ads coming in the form of digital billboards, video ads and “Portals” that allow users to jump from one experience to another. Since the announcement, Roblox has been beta testing its advertising offerings with a select group of brand partners, including Puma and the NFL.

In a test that ran between Feb. 1 and March 12, Roblox worked with over a dozen brands across verticals such as fashion, sports, entertainment and retail to measure the organic lift generated by its in-game Portals. The test involved portal activity by millions of users across Roblox’s 180 supported countries and territories.

Data from the test showed an aggregate nine percent of users who either returned to the branded experience they discovered through a Portal or saw some friends portaled into a branded experience and joined them organically. In other words, that brands can generally factor in a nearly ten percent increase on the traffic and engagement figures they see through Portal ads. Roblox also found that up to 20 percent of users were redeeming digital items in experiences they joined via Portals.

“We also noticed an uptick in homepage discovery during the beta test, which further highlights the potential lift of the immersive ad unit,” said Ivan Dashkov, head of Web3 at Puma. “Overall, we’re happy with the results of the beta test, and we’re excited to explore more opportunities to collaborate

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