Google exterminates some bugs with the unexpected release of Android 14 Beta 5.2

Even though it’s Friday and it is the end of a week (with a three-day weekend in the U.S. a week away), Google has pushed out Android 14 Beta 5.2 for compatible Pixel phones (UPB5.230623.006), and for the Pixel Tablet and the Pixel Fold (UPB5.230623.006.A1). The updates, which Google characterizes as “minor,” come with the August 2023 security patch.

The changelist includes:

  • Fixed various issues that sometimes caused devices to stall when rebooting.
  • Fixed issues that could interrupt cellular connectivity for devices that utilize E-UTRAN New Radio – Dual Connectivity (ENDC) when those devices were connected through 5G NR low-band frequencies.
  • Fixed an issue on Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet devices that caused the fingerprint sensor to be unresponsive in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue on Pixel Fold devices that caused Perfetto trace data to be incomplete.
  • Fixed an issue on Pixel Fold devices with stuttering animations when viewing or tapping the notification for an ongoing call.
  • Fixed an issue on Pixel Fold devices that sometimes caused the system UI to crash after using the fingerprint sensor.
  • Fixed an issue on Pixel Fold devices that sometimes caused the screen to briefly flicker when unfolding the device.
  • Fixed an issue on Pixel Tablet devices that sometimes caused a colored bar to display or flicker after unlocking the device.
  • Fixed an issue on Pixel Tablet devices that caused the system to play incorrect sounds when docking or undocking the device.

To install the update on your Pixel phone, tablet, or foldable device go to Settings > System > System update and follow the directions.

We have been expecting the final, stable version of Android 14 to be released in August, but with less than a week remaining in the month, we might
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Google previews Android 14 for Pixel smartphones and issues release schedule

Google has released the first preview of Android 14 and an accompanying release schedule. As the image below shows, Google is only issuing Developer Previews for now, with Beta Releases likely landing in mid-March or early April. Google also hopes that Android 14 will reach Platform Stability in June before a stable release in August or September.

In other words, Android 14 will follow the same release schedule as Android 12 and Android 13. Currently, Google restricts Android 14 Developer Preview 1 (DP1) to Pixel devices, with the Pixel 4a 5G through Pixel 7 Pro eligible for an early look at Android 13’s successor. It is worth noting that Developer Previews give developers a chance to adapt apps to new APIS and behaviour changes. As such, Android 14 DP1 adds hardly any new user-facing features.

Instead, Google is likely to use this year’s Google I/O conference to showcase how Android 14 differs from Android 13. Typically, the company hosts I/O in May, although it has not confirmed I/O 2023 dates yet. For the time being, Google has outlined that Android 14 will focus on optimising the OS for large displays, which started with Android 12L and continued with Android 13. This year’s OS update should also contain more accessibility features, as well as reduced response times and associated battery life improvements. You can find more details about Android 14 DP1 and how to install it on Google’s dedicated developer portal

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