Reddit’s API changes kill third-party Android apps

On July 1, Reddit has enacted a new API policy that charges exorbitant fees to developers of third-party apps for the website, which is having the effect of shutting down these popular apps, including Reddit is Fun, Sync for Reddit, and more.

Update 7/1: As of today, Reddit has enacted its new API policy and charges, and in turn effectively pulled the plug on countless third-party Reddit apps for Android and other platforms.

As we reported on in June (original coverage below), that includes the shutdown of Sync for Reddit and Reddit is Fun (RIF). The API changes have also killed off Boost for Reddit, BaconReader, and more have all shut down.

There are some apps that will survive the shutdown, such as Relay for Reddit and Now for Reddit. Both of those apps have announced a subscription-based model which will allow the apps to continue. Joey for Reddit is also inexplicably still working, but it may not last. Infinity for Reddit is also moving to a subscription-only model.

As confirmed today, both Sync for Reddit and Reddit is Fun (RIF) will be shutting down on June 30. The popular third-party Reddit apps for Android have amassed millions upon millions of downloads and are especially popular among Reddit’s most active users.

Reddit is Fun (RIF) has been an especially popular choice for Android users, as the app has always been exclusive to the Android platform. It has over 5 million downloads from the Play Store. Meanwhile, Sync for Reddit is also shutting down both its Android and iOS apps.

Reddit’s new paid API, announced last month, has been a death knell to many third-party apps due to the intense costs associated with the API, as well as the changes the API imposed. Under the new rules,

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