10 YouTube Marketing Strategies & Tips (With Examples)

In A Beginner’s Guide To YouTube Marketing, I explained YouTube marketing and provided examples of videos that produced the best content marketing results.

You’ve also learned the benefits of YouTube marketing and the types of marketing tools that should be in your toolkit.

It never hurts to learn some lessons from other brands and get tips to help your business reach new audiences on the social media platform.

So, I’ve included examples of successful YouTube marketing campaigns for businesses and brands below:

1. Define Your Target Audience

Start by understanding your audience’s needs, interests, and behaviors to create content that resonates with them and increases the chances of engagement.

YouTube Marketing Examples

According to Tubular Labs, the most-watched video on the Old Spice channel is “Taking Stock.” Uploaded on Feb. 4, 2019, it has 61.6 million views and 40,500 engagements.

The most engaged video on the Old Spice channel is “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” Uploaded on Feb. 5, 2010, it has 61.1 million views and 277,000 engagements.

Both videos illustrate why consumer intent is more powerful than demographics. Even though 73% of the brand’s channel’s audience is male, and only 27% are female, women frequently purchase body wash for men – and often influence what men who shop for themselves buy.

By gaining a deep understanding of its target customer, their interests, and how they live and shop, Old Spice has been able to create engaging content tailored to its intended audience.

2. Build A Content Plan

Prioritize your brand’s objectives: awareness, consideration, online or offline sales, and loyalty.

Add video-related details to the audience persona for your target audience on YouTube. What do they watch? What do they like?

Research your competition: What opportunities are they missing on YouTube? Decide what success

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Google is killing a stolen YouTube feature

YouTube on smartphone stock photo 18

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority


  • YouTube is killing Stories on June 26.
  • Stories that are already live on that date will expire seven days after they were originally shared.
  • YouTube now wants creators to focus on Community posts and Shorts.

Google is putting an end to YouTube Stories, a feature it borrowed from platforms like Snapchat in 2017. According to a support post made by the company, the feature will shut down on June 26, 2023. YouTube is now encouraging creators to use Community posts and Shorts instead of YouTube Stories.

“Starting on 6/26/2023, the option to create a new YouTube Story will no longer be available. Stories that are already live on that date will expire seven days after they were originally shared,” the platform announced.

YouTube Stories was a feature limited to mobile devices. The videos were not meant for long-tail content and were auto-deleted after a period of seven days.

Earlier in May, YouTube expanded access to Community posts to all creators. You no longer need over 500 subscribers to enable the Community tab on your channels. Many of the features of YouTube Stories are available for Community posts, such as editing tools and the ability for posts to expire in 24 hours.

“With new features for both Shorts and Community posts to be announced throughout the year, we are committed to investing in new and innovative tools to help you grow your audiences across YouTube,” Team YouTube noted in its post.

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YouTube for Android/Google TV adds more Assistant commands

Besides the upcoming addition of unskippable and pause screen ads, the YouTube app on Android and Google TV in Q1 2023 gained support for more Assistant voice commands.

Existing Google Assistant voice commands already let you play/resume, pause/stop, fast-forward, rewind, go to the next/last video, restart a clip, and turn off closed captions on YouTube for Android TV.

You can now like/dislike a video and un/subscribe to channels with “Hey Google, like this video, dislike this video, subscribe, or unsubscribe.”

YouTube for TVs has also added the Podcasts topic that was first introduced on the web. It’s located in the More tab at first but “will move higher up in the menu if you more frequently watch Podcast content.” It includes various carousels like “Your new episodes” and “Your saved shows” from YouTube Music and the main service. There are also various recommendations, popular episodes, and various genres.

Meanwhile, YouTube is now surfacing Shorts content in search results, and Google has made the recommended shelf more responsive:

This means that as you scroll through the shelf, it’ll keep refreshing recommendations so that there’s new videos for you to choose from!


  • You can more easily switch between accounts when watching YouTube on TV, thus making for easy family sharing! This way, everyone in a household can access YouTube from the same device, without having to sign-out and sign-in each time.”
  • You can also use the account switcher to directly switch into your child’s profile in the YouTube Kids app on a smart TV, streaming device, or game console. Previously you had to navigate to the YouTube Kids app icon on your TV to launch the app, so we hope you find this new experience easier!”

More on YouTube:

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YouTube gains improved Google Assistant commands on Android TVs

What you need to know

  • Google has summed up a bunch of improvements introduced to YouTube on Android TV.
  • YouTube now allows you to like or dislike a video and subscribe to channels using your voice when watching videos on your smart TV.
  • Shorts contents are showing up in search results, and a Podcasts topic page has been added to the app.

Google has rolled out a slew of improvements to the YouTube app on Android TV, including support for additional Google Assistant commands, the availability of Shorts content in search results, the addition of a Podcasts topic page, and more.

In a community post, YouTube says that you can now use Google Assistant to like or dislike a video you’ve stumbled upon just by saying, “Hey Google, like this video.” Additionally, you’ll be able to subscribe to or unsubscribe from a channel using the appropriate voice prompt.

This expands the list of available voice commands that you can already use to control YouTube content you watch on your Android TV. These commands allow you to play, pause, rewind, or go to the next media without lifting a finger.

YouTube Shorts have also started appearing in search results. It’s not entirely surprising, seeing as the video-sharing platform brought this TikTok-like content format to smart TVs last year. The latest change is only the logical next step.

If you’re a fan of podcasts, you’ll be pleased to learn that YouTube is adding a new Podcasts topic page to your Android TV. The new page can be accessed under the “More” tab in the navigation menu. As you keep watching podcasts, the page will move to the top of the menu.

YouTube’s recommended shelf has also picked up a nifty improvement that should refresh recommendations as you sift through the section.

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YouTube Exams Multi-Language Audio Tracks, Expands Creator Tunes

YouTube’s testing a new option that would enable creators to add various audio tracks in diverse languages to their videos, which could drastically increase audience potential in the app.

YouTube multi language audio

As you can see in this screenshot, posted by Business enterprise Insider, YouTube is letting some creators insert many audio tracks to their clips, furnishing one more way to showcase your work to diverse user groups.

YouTube previously has automobile-translated captions as a identical solution on this entrance, but the ability to overdub your videos, or create all new tracks for distinctive areas, would extend on this, and perhaps include a entire new component for unique audiences.

YouTube suggests that, on average, over two-thirds of a creator’s viewers view time will appear from outside of their house area, which underlines the opportunity listed here, and the ability to reach a broader audience in the application.

In accordance to Small business Insider, YouTube’s at the moment testing the new language options with a small subset of creators.

On a further front, YouTube’s also growing its check of visuals in Neighborhood poll posts.

We’re experimenting with performance that will allow for up to 4 photographs to be added to poll posts on the Group tab. This function is reside on Android and desktop devices and we have heard fantastic comments about it, so we’re psyched to check it on iOS devices now as well! Creators in the experiment who have Local community tab accessibility are capable to make these image polls and viewers across all equipment will be ready to see and interact with them.”

Group posts are obtainable to all channels with more than 500 subscribers in the application.

And eventually, YouTube’s also expanded its Creator Tunes options to all creators in the US.

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