Two fake Android apps need to be uninstalled now to ensure your Android phone is protected

UPDATE: It appears both apps have been removed from the Play Store by Google, but it’s still advised that you check if you didn’t happen to install them on your phone by accident.

One simple tip you can follow when you want to get a particular app, in order to make sure you’re getting the legitimate one, is to check the name of the developer who’s published the app in the App Store or Play Store. This is the easiest way to ensure you’re about to download the correct app. If the name of the developer isn’t what you’d expect it to be, at the least it’s worth double checking if the app is the right one. Another telltale sign are user reviews and ratings: it’s always a smart move to take a quick glance at any user feedback left, because bogus apps would often have negative reviews or low ratings. The original story follows below…

If you installed two apps on your Android phone that you thought were messaging apps Signal and Telegram, delete them immediately if not sooner. Per BGR, the two apps are Signal Plus Messenger and FlyGram and have subsequently been removed from the Play Store, the Galaxy Store, and third-party app storefronts from where they were sideloaded (installed from third-party app storefronts) on Android phones.

Bogus versions of the Signal and Telegram messenger apps were installed from the Play Store and Galaxy Store

But these apps were not removed before Signal Plus Messenger was listed for nine months in the Play Store and it was installed over 100 times before Google yanked it out of its app storefront. Thank Google for Play Protect, but it obviously isn’t always nimble enough in removing malicious apps. FlyGram was created by the same developer and removed

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