Publicis Commerce, Amazon Ads unveil Digital Marketing Playbook

Publicis Commerce India today announced the launch of the inaugural Digital Growth Marketing Playbook.The playbook – in conjunction with Amazon Ads –outlines how advertisers can adopt a growth marketing approach, shifting from focus on isolated campaigns to looking at how marketing can contribute towards delivering overall business growth.

This playbook aims to present a marketer outlook towards growth marketingand provide directional steps thata brand can take when enabling growth marketing. It sheds light on the top-of-mind concerns among marketers, emphasizing short-to-mid-term growth, particularly in response to changing consumer preferences and behaviours. It identifies challenges such as increasing competitive intensity, technological disruptions, uncertain demand, and rising costs as key hurdles that marketers face.

Based on a survey among 100 senior marketers, the Digital Growth Marketing Playbook offers insights into marketers’ outlook on growth marketing and presents strategic steps for brands to adopt it successfully.The playbook features customized approachesacross brands, recognizing the distinct challenges and opportunities each business cohort faces.

The playbook also looks at the digital advertising industry’s shift from customer engagement to customer experience, expanding the marketing funnel to include both conversion and retention, and why brands need to explore metrics beyond Return On Advertising Spends (ROAS), highlighting the significance of customer lifetime value, share of branded searches and new to brand customers.

The playbook identifies three primary levers for business growth:

Acquire New Customers: Reaching new audiences to expand market segment share in a sustained way by managingshort and long-term growth and leveraging key events

Improve Share of Wallet: Offering new launches and driving growth through high-value added customers experiences

Increase Loyalty: Building strong brand loyalty and retaining customers is crucial for sustainable growth

These business growth levers translate into key growth marketing strategies which guide marketerson how to customise their approach, amend execution and measure success.

Retail media

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Digital ads show signs of rebound as Meta, Amazon point to growth

Drew Angerer | Getty Images News | Getty Images

A year ago, Meta finance chief Susan Li offered chilling commentary about the state of the digital ad market, telling analysts that the struggling industry would remain in a slump.

Speaking to analysts on the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call, Li said at the time that Facebook’s revenue “remained under pressure from weak advertising demand” and that sales would continue “to be impacted by the uncertain and volatile macroeconomic landscape.”

During that period Meta’s ad revenue fell 4%, and Google’s ad business suffered a similar drop. Inflation, supply chain issues and global conflict were all depressing spending.

The narrative is very different now.

With results in from Alphabet, Meta and Amazon — the three U.S. leaders in digital advertising — it’s clear that the market has rebounded, at least for the time being.

Meta’s fourth-quarter ad sales jumped 24% from a year earlier to $38.7 billion, while Amazon’s booming ad unit rose 27% to $14.7 billion. Meanwhile Alphabet, still the market leader, saw its Google ad business rise 11% to $65.5 billion, boosted by 16% growth at YouTube.

Debra Aho Williamson, an independent analyst told CNBC that big advertiser events like the Summer Olympics in Paris and the upcoming presidential elections will contribute to higher spending. Insider Intelligence said in a recent report that global ad spending will jump 10% in 2024, up from growth of 6.3% in 2023 and the same level of expansion the prior year.

“After two years of relative malaise, the outlook is very positive on a global scale and in every major region,” the report said.

Analysts at William Blair expressed similar sentiment. They said businesses appear less concerned with the Russia-Ukraine conflict than in the past and are

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Tealium debuts a new suite of Amazon Ads integrations to help advertisers enhance marketing performance with first-party signals

Tealium Inc.

Tealium Inc.

Tealium’s CDP now seamlessly connects with Amazon DSP and Amazon Marketing Cloud

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tealium announced today that it has launched new integration capabilities with Amazon Ads, including Amazon DSP and Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), to better equip advertisers in activating audiences, assessing advertising performance, and overall enhancing real-time, omnichannel strategies in a cookieless world.

Leveraging the integrations, enterprises can further utilize their first-party signals to enhance marketing attributions, reporting, measurement, and audience outreach. This ultimately helps advertisers to improve return on advertising spend (ROAS) and achieve ad conversion goals, all while maintaining the highest level of privacy-centric integrity. Specifically:

  • The connection between Tealium and Amazon DSP allows for enhanced conversion optimization and reporting, both offline and online, in real time. The integration also allows advertisers to better engage with first-party audiences via Amazon DSP advertising campaigns.

  • With Tealium integrated with AMC, advertisers can tap into more signals to improve relevance of advertising engagements and measure more holistic marketing results, enabling a durable and consented conversion feedback loop.

“Tealium’s new integrations with Amazon Ads serve as essential tools for brands to fortify their business strategies in anticipation of evolving privacy regulations, shifting consumer behaviors, and expanding first-party signals in a cookieless environment,” said Matt Gray, Head of Global Partnerships at Tealium. “Regardless of a brand’s current position in the development of their first-party signal strategy, these solutions are indispensable for ensuring business agility and aligning with customer expectations.”

For more information about how Tealium’s integrations with Amazon Ads solve for advertisers’ biggest challenges, visit

To keep up with the latest company news, visit Tealium’s Newsroom.

About Tealium
As the most trusted CDP, Tealium connects customer data across web, mobile, offline, and IoT so businesses

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Your Amazon Fire Tablet Can Feel A Lot More Like A Stock Android Tablet With These Tricks

Once you’ve installed Chrome on your Fire tablet, head over to the Google Play Store and install other Google apps that you would find enabled by default on mainstream Android machines. A good place to start would be to install the Gboard keyboard. It is loaded with useful features, offers the most accurate glide typing experience, text prediction is amazingly reliable, and language support is vast, as well.

Of course, it won’t truly be a true Google experience if you can’t extract the perks of Google Assistant. In hindsight, Alexa is pretty boring and feature-devoid, so you have an added incentive to download Google Assistant. To do so, first install the Google app from the Play Store and use it once. If possible, set up voice recognition when prompted.

Once the Google app is set up, install the standalone Google Assistant app from the Play Store and set it up with all the shortcuts you desire. If you desperately want the real Android experience, you can install a third-party launcher such as Microsoft Launcher, Niagara, and Nova, among others. But that entails a pretty complex process on its own.

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amazon ads: Amazon Ads eating into Google, Meta’s digital marketing pie

For nearly a decade now, Google and Meta have enjoyed a duopoly in the digital advertising space in India, with almost a 90% share in what is pegged to be a Rs 70,000-crore market at present. Over the last couple of years though, Amazon Ads seems to be rapidly eating into their share of the digital pie, senior media buying executives told ET.

Advertisers, especially in categories such as consumer packaged goods as well as DTC (direct-to-consumer) brands, are moving as much as 15-20% of their advertising budget — previously dedicated to Google and Meta — towards the Seattle-based ecommerce giant’s ad tech suite.

In the US, platforms like Apple and TikTok, along with Amazon and Walmart in retail media, have shrunk Google and Meta’s share of digital ad dollars to less than 50% as of last year. With no TikTok back home and a single-digit percentage proliferation of Apple products to boot, Amazon Ads emerges as the single-biggest challenger to the duopoly in India.

In 2020, Amazon launched its global ‘demand-side platform’ (DSP) in India. Through Amazon DSP, advertisers can buy programmatic ads to reach new and existing audiences on and off Amazon. It combines data points from all its different properties, such as Prime Video, Fire TV, Kindle, Alexa, Audible, etc, to provide sharper audience segmentation.

“You can use it to create customer cohorts based on different spending sizes. Programmatic ads also prove more efficient and cost-effective compared to direct advertising/media-buying,” said Anil Pandit, senior vice-president at Publicis Media Services.

Today, five to six of 10 media plans at Publicis Media have some form of Amazon Ads targeting. “In the last year and a half, our clientele’s spending on Amazon Ads has gone up by 8-10x,” Pandit said.

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