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Our Global Search Engine Marketing Solutions Market Report differs from other market studies in a number of significant ways. First, a thorough analysis of the global Search Engine Marketing Solutions market is provided in our report, along with a close look at market trends, growth factors, obstacles, and opportunities. We follow a strict research methodology, collecting information from dependable sources and talking in-depth with professionals in the field. Similarly, our report offers insightful strategic guidance for both seasoned players and new market entrants.

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We offer a thorough analysis of the industry’s competitive landscape, highlighting the market share, strategies, and product portfolios of the top companies. In addition, our report delves into the complex nuances of the Search Engine Marketing Solutions market in addition to the superficial analysis. We investigate the effects of various elements on the market’s growth trajectory, including technological developments, governmental policies, and socioeconomic trends. Our Global Search Engine Marketing Solutions Market Report stands out by offering in-depth analysis, insightful commentary, and tactical recommendations, making it an essential tool for industry stakeholders.

Key Players in the Search Engine Marketing Solutions market:

Google Ads (formerly AdWords)
Bing Ads
Google Marketing Platform (formerly DoubleClick)
Marin Software
WordStream Advisor
Kenshoo (formerly Kenshoo Infinity Suite)
Adobe Advertising Cloud
SE Ranking
Yahoo! Advertising
Kantar Advertising and Paid Search Intelligence (AdGooroo)
Swoop Digital
Netpeak Spider

Search Engine Marketing Solutions market Segmentation by Type:

CPT (Cost Per Time)
CPA (cost-per-acquisition)
CPC (cost-per-click)
CPM (cost-per-thousand-impressions)

Search Engine Marketing Solutions market Segmentation by Application:

Desktop Searches
Mobile Searches
Tablet Searches

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To ensure accuracy and dependability, we use a variety of tools and techniques to create our Global Search Engine Marketing Solutions Market

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Google Photos Locked Folder could soon get a big cloud connectivity upgrade

It seems cloud backup will be opt-in

Almost two years ago, Google Photos introduced a feature called Locked Folder that lets you cordon off photos you might not want showing up in your main view in a separate folder tucked into Photos’ Utilities menu. Opening your Locked Folder requires authentication in the form of re-unlocking your phone (hence the name), making it a great way to keep all your private photos private. There’s one big flaw, though: photos in your Locked Folder aren’t backed up to the cloud, meaning that if you lose your device, you lose the photos. That may be changing soon, though.


A screenshot shared in the reputable Google News Telegram group shows a toggle within Google Photos to enable backup of Locked Folder contents. The accompanying post explains that version 6.23 of Google Photos “has added a hidden settings page that is responsible for backing up photos and videos from your Locked Folder to the cloud.” The functionality isn’t actually present in the latest version of Photos, but this hidden settings page seems to indicate that the feature is nearing release.


While there’s an inherent trade-off in storing sensitive information in the cloud, it may be worth it for some. Under the current offline-only setup, photos stored in Google Photos’ Locked Folder are lost not only if you lose access to your phone, but also if you upgrade to a new device without manually moving them over, or even if you uninstall the Google Photos app. Judging by language on the backup settings page, backing up your Locked Folder will be opt-in, so this option shouldn’t disrupt functionality for anybody who wants to keep their personal business out of the cloud.

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