Essential Photography Apps in 2023

Essential Apps for Photographers

Like most people, photographers are rarely caught without their smartphones. There are so many great apps available on iOS and Android devices that a photographer’s phone can become an integral part of their kit.

Whether taking photos with a smartphone, editing images on the go, or planning a photo for capture with a dedicated camera system, this guide outlines essential apps that every photographer should consider adding to their phone.

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The Best Apps for Planning and Capturing Photos

PhotoPills (Android and iOS)

PhotoPills is a fantastic app for photographers who want to leave nothing to chance. It helps photographers plan their images and dial in their settings with sophisticated maps, diagrams, and tools.

Essential Apps for Photographers
PhotoPills is one of the best apps for photographers because it offers sophisticated planning tools and excellent calculators, like exposure calculators and hyperfocal distance calculators.

For example, photographers can use PhotoPills to pinpoint the angle and direction of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, the Milky Way, and much more. Better yet, the app lets the user change the date, time, and location, so it is possible to scout out shots anywhere in the world.

PetaPixel’s guide to using PhotoPills will help photographers get the most from the app, and trust us, PhotoPills has a ton to offer.

Available on Android and iOS for $10.99. Includes in-app purchases.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris (iOS)

In a similar spirit, the Photographer’s Ephemeris is a landscape photographer’s best friend. Available on iOS and desktop, this app offers augmented reality on iPhone and iPad, offering a preview of the sky at a selected time using a mobile device’s camera. It also offers 3D diagrams and maps, offering a sophisticated preview of how light and shadow will fall over a landscape at any time.

Essential Apps for Photographers
The Photographer’s Ephemeris offers 3D previews of how light
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