Google Play reveals its ‘Best of 2023’ apps and games


  • Google Play is giving out its annual awards for the best apps, games, and books on the Play Store.
  • Imprint: Learn Visually wins Best App with its visual storytelling approach to finance, business, science, and technology topics while Honkai: Star Rail, a sci-fi space fantasy RPG, grabs the Best Game award.
  • The Users’ Choice App award goes to ChatGPT, reflecting the popularity of AI in tech this year.

2023 is coming to an end, meaning it is time for all our favorite services to release their yearly awards and wrap-ups. This also means it is time for the Google Play’s Best of 2023 Awards, highlighting the best apps and games to hit the Play Store this year. To keep up with the times, Google has added several new award categories: Best with AI, Best Game for Good, Best on Google Play Games on PC, and Best Multi-device App and Game.

Imprint picked up the best app award. It uses visual storytelling to help you understand important topics in finance, business, science, technology, etc. This app is only available to download in the US, so don’t be surprised if you have not heard of it before. As for the best game, Honkai: Star Rail, a sci-fi space fantasy RPG, got that award.

The list of winners can vary by region. You can find the award-winning apps in the US below.

Google had opened voting for the User’s Choice Awards at the beginning of the month for a couple of weeks. Apart from apps and books, the company also accepted votes for your favorite book on the Play Store this year. This category was not there for the last two years.

It is not surprising to see ChatGPT win the Users’ Choice app award, given that AI and ChatGPT were two

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5 Social Mobile Games That Can Help You Make New Friends

It’s one thing to find a game to play with your friends, and a whole other thing to make new friends in a game that you already enjoy playing. While there are vast communities around AAA console and PC games, mobile games usually don’t get as much love in comparison.

Luckily, there are some mobile games where making new social connections is a key part of the gameplay. In this list, we look at some of the best ones. Each of these games has chat functionality, an active community of players, and is available on Android and iOS.

1. Sky: Children of the Light

I’ve been playing Sky: Children of the Light for over a year now, and it’s perhaps the best place to start if you’re looking to make new friends. This non-competitive open-world social indie adventure is unlike any other, and is hands down one of the most beautiful mobile games I’ve ever played, so much so that almost every scene in it looks like a wallpaper.

As a “Sky kid,” your job is to find the lost spirits of your ancestors that once inhabited the kingdom of Sky, relive their memories, learn their expressions, and help them reunite. You do this by exploring the seven unique in-game realms, solving puzzles, and upgrading your cape to be able to fly farther and discover hidden locations.

What makes Sky special is its strong emphasis on facilitating social connections. There are parts of the game that you can’t access without the help of other players, and you have to spend in-game currency (candles) to befriend someone, and unlock chat and expressions such as high-five, hug, piggyback ride, and more.

As creative director, Jenova Chen, puts it when talking to Crumpe, “Sky is like a theme park–like Disneyland” than an

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Latest Google Play Store update gives you more reasons to spend money on games

Google’s Monthly System updates for Android are designed to improve user experience with the addition of new features. These updates are generally limited to routine patches for the Android system, Play Store, and Play Services. The July 2023 System Update, on the other hand, has contained more than just bug fixes, with an upcoming Google Wallet feature being detailed in the changelog and then disappearing mysteriously, only for a Google spokesperson to confirm its arrival later. Another addition has caught our eye among the list of changes, specifically related to the improved visibility of new offers and promos for games on the Play Store’s homepage.

We’ve spotted the mention of this promotional content feature within the July 2023 Google System Updates changelog, detailing how Android smartphones can now “see whether new events, updates, offers, and content are available within an app or game” from the Play Store’s home screen.

The feature already appears to have been live for some time on the web version of the Play Store, which also has the benefit of displaying more promotional content, whereas mobile users are restricted to single swipeable cards on top of the screen. Switching to landscape orientation offers a broader view of the available deals on games, however. These changes are part of the Google Play Store version 36.5 update, which began rolling out to devices on July 3.

These cards only appear on the Games tab in the Play Store (for now), with each card marked with “Special Event” on the top left. A bulk of these promos highlight some of the most popular mobile games in the business, including Roblox, Clash of Clans, Pokémon Go, etc. Meanwhile, navigating to the last card in the carousel takes you to a hub page containing all “offers & events.”


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The top 5 Android and iOS apps of the week: Geocaching, AI images & games!

Of course, we tried out all the listed apps in this article before recommending them to you. This means you can install them on your Android smartphone or iPhone without any hesitation. Before we begin with our top 5 apps of the week, we’d like to point you to our app grab box: you can find it in our free apps of the week, where 16 apps that normally cost money are now free for a limited time only!

FrozenCity (Android & iOS)

Are you in the mood for a very special kind of city-building simulator? If you answered in the affirmative, then we have the right app for you with FrozenCity. In FrozenCity, you help survivors build a new home and survive the freezing temperatures to the best of your ability. If that sounds like too heavy of a responsibility for you, we reassure you that the survivors will share entertaining dialogues with you on what you should build next or which facility you should improve on.

  • Price: Free / Ads: Yes / In-App Purchases: Yes / Account Required: Optional
FrozenCity screenshots
In FrozenCity, it’s up to you to make sure the characters don’t freeze to death and have a new home to reside in. / © NextPit

You are tasked with assigning duties to the survivors — be it kitchen duty, building a new shelter, or even collecting wood and other resources. On top of that, there are other tasks that reward you with diamonds upon completion. In a nutshell, FrozenCity is an entertaining app with beautifully animated building processes and unique characters that you’ll quickly take to heart.

Geocaching (Android & iOS)

Are you looking for an excuse to get out in the fresh air more and do not think that getting a dog is

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Here are the top Android apps and games of the year

BeReal, Breathwrk, Papers, Please, and Dislyte are definitely worth checking out

Developers submit thousands of apps and games on the Play Store each year. Google commemorates a handful of these submissions with its annual Best of Play awards in December. The awards span various categories and even include a Users’ Choice award, for which Google takes votes around a month before announcing the winners. The company kicked off voting early in November this year, and we finally have all the results.

Google shared a list of 2022’s best apps and games today. As expected, the innovative social media app BeReal has picked up the Users’ Choice award for the best app of 2022. Apex Legends Mobile, the mobile version of EA’s popular battle royale-hero shooter, has been awarded the Users’ Choice best game of the year.

Dream by WOMBO, an AI-powered art generation tool that lets you create stunning artwork using text and contextual images, picked up the overall best app of 2022 award, while Apex Legends Mobile bagged its second victory as the overall best game of 2022. In addition, Google also awarded several other apps and games based on various criteria. Check out the full list in the section below.

Best apps of 2022

Best games of 2022

It’s worth noting that the winners mentioned above were picked by Google Play’s editorial team in the U.S. You can find your specific country’s winners by heading to the Best of 2022 section in the Play Store.

Along with the best apps and games, Google also shared the names of the top-selling books and audiobooks on the Play Store for 2022. These include:

  • Top-Selling Books:
    • Fire & Blood by George RR Martin
    • It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover
    • Fairy Tale by Stephen King
    • I’m Glad My Mom Died by
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20 Best Android Games With no In

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In order to generate the Android project, stick to the guidelines in this weblog post Primarily you have to produce an empty Android Studio project then replace the supply tree beneath app/src with the content of the ZIP file that you downloaded previously. In Android, the OS can choose to kill activities in the background in order to cost-free up sources if the device running the application is low on memory. The Second digit of the MAC address must be an even Digit ( or two or 4 or six or 8 or A or C or E). Problems that only impact userdebug builds or call for debugging access (ADB) to the device.

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