Chromecast with Google TV is now auto-playing full-screen product ads on the home screen

Chromecast with Google TV Autoplaying video ads 3


  • Chromecast with Google TV owners are complaining of a new ad on their TV’s home screen.
  • This ad is an auto-playing, full-screen ad for a physical product rather than the usual “recommendations” for digital content.

Many users have loved the Chromecast with Google TV for being a good option for watching movies and TV shows on dumb TVs. But many have also complained of the increase in ads that the Google TV variant of the streaming stick brings over its predecessors. The latest complaints on this end come from users who are now being served auto-playing video ads for food rather than the usual media recommendation.

Reddit users thevincentasteroid and MMD3_ posted about an auto-playing video ad (with sound) on the home screen. The ad is for Chicken Tender Wraps from Carl’s Jr. When it begins auto-playing, it pushes all the other UI elements out of focus and goes almost full-screen, returning to the home screen after it has played through once.

While Google TV has had video ads on the home screen for a while, these have usually been restricted to digital media content, like new TV shows and movies, served around under the guise of “recommendations.” Ads for non-media content (physical products) have usually been limited to static images. This appears to be the first time an advertisement for a physical product has appeared as an auto-playing full-screen video directly on the home screen.

Many users have tolerated “recommendation” ads as they can serve legitimate discovery needs in certain instances. But physical product ads on the home screen seem to have ruffled some feathers. As a workaround, annoyed users can install the Projectivy Launcher on their Android TV streaming device for a cleaner home screen experience.

The Chromecast with Google TV also received a software update recently.

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With rally on Maratha quota leader’s home turf, Chhagan Bhujbal thunders back into reckoning | Political Pulse News

Chhagan Bhujbal, who was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in March 2016 and spent over two years in jail in connection with a money laundering case, has since struggled to overcome this setback.

At the OBC rally in Maharashtra’s Jalna district Friday, the crowd saw an entirely different avatar of the NCP (Ajit Pawar) leader. Donning dark sunglasses, Bhujbal stood up and delivered a speech that resonated across the state’s villages, cities and political corridors.

The rally had leaders from across the political spectrum on stage, from Vijay Wadettiwar of the Congress to Gopichand Padalkwar of the BJP. But there was no doubt who the main attraction was, as all these leaders who took the stage before Bhujbal, broke into effusive praise of the NCP leader for bringing the OBC community (38% of Maharashtra’s population in the 1931 census) together and “articulating their fears” about the numerically (33% in 1931) and politically powerful Marathas looking to “corner” a part of the OBC quota by getting included in its category.

Expectedly, Bhujbal, who holds the food and civil supplies portfolio in the Eknath Shinde-led coalition government, stole the show, deploying rhetoric that no one from the ruling NDA has so far used since the Maratha agitation was reignited on August 29.

Much of Bhujbal’s attack was reserved for Maratha reservation activist Manoj Jarange-Patil, who has been spearheading the community’s demand for reservation. He minced no words in running down Jarange-Patil’s “stubbornness”.

Festive offer

It was the first time someone from within the government had attacked Jarange-Patil, who has been unsparing in his attacks, even on the likes of Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Even Bhujbal’s leader, Ajit Pawar, the other Deputy CM in the NDA government and its most vocal face, too,

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Sports widget for Android home screen in the works by Google app

Last updated: December 5th, 2023 at 07:31 UTC+01:00

In an APK Insight post, Google has been spotted redying the sports widget for the Android home screen for its Google app. After unveiling the Finance Watchlist for the Android home screen, Google is now developing a widget for sports fans. Using this, users can place the Google app sports widget on their home screen and get the latest information about their favorite games.

Adding the Google Sports widget on the home screen simply shows the teams that you are following and their upcoming games, live or past matches. The information appears on cards with the date and time, score, and the league they are competing in. Tapping on this Google Sports widget gives you access to the full Knowledge Graphic Card in Google Search.

The Google app sports widget isn’t available to normal users

There is a one or two-column UI, where using the latter gives you more information and showcases the game prominently at the top. You can freely resize the Google app sports widget to fill the entire home screen. There is a small refresh button at the top-right, which also shows the ‘Last updated’ information.

As spotted by 9To5Google, the widget also gives you two views: ‘Your games’ and ‘Trending games’. Using the Google app sports widget settings page, users can modify the widget and add the teams they follow. It also offers ‘Recommendations’ for games, teams, leagues, etc., based on your searches. Also, dynamic color is applied all over. This sports widget was enabled on the Google app v14.49.38.29.

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Google Drive declutters its home tab in latest redesign for Android


  • Google Drive’s new UI makes file search easier and faster by switching to a denser list view in the Suggested tab, displaying information like the file name and type more prominently.
  • The Notifications tab has been replaced by an Activity tab, which serves as a comprehensive hub for all document activities, including comments and access requests.
  • The new design is being rolled out for the Drive app on Android and iOS, but the availability will increase gradually because this is a phased rollout.

Google has spent the better part of 2023 giving Workspace products like Slides, Sheets, and Docs a healthy dose of AI-powered features. Now, the company has shifted its attention to Drive, another critical component at the center of its Workspace products. We recently reported about Google adding a new option to filter files by the mentioned collaborator using a new People drop-down. This addition to the UI is just one of the many changes Google had in store, because a new UI for the mobile app is rolling out now.

Google Drive’s Android app UI has remained fairly untouched for the last few months, with the only noteworthy changes being a tablet-friendly rearrangement of the buttons, and a Material You update for the web UI. Last week, we reported on a few quirky additions in the Android app, such as an odd floating action button (FAB) to launch the camera for document scanning stacked atop the New + button replacing the + FAB in the lower right corner. Google has now announced these changes officially alongside a few other tweaks, which should help people who use the app frequently.

Suggested documents are packed closer together

Source: Google 

Suggested documents are packed closer together

Google says its new UI is designed to make file search much easier and faster. To this effect,

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Google to Add Bard AI Tools to Android, Home Virtual Assistant in Chatbot Push

Google will soon release a version of its virtual assistant that is powered by the company’s Bard artificial intelligence technology, helping users handle more complex tasks.

The new offering, called Assistant with Bard, will be available in a test phase shortly and then roll out to the general public in the coming months, the company said Wednesday. The release will equip the Assistant, which helps users of Android and Google devices complete tasks and find information, with some of the capabilities of Bard, a chatbot that is the company’s answer to OpenAI’s wildly popular ChatGPT.

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Google rolls out ‘Home Panel’ to more Pixel owners

What you need to know

  • A new update is rolling out to the Google Home app, bringing the new “Home Panel.” 
  • Home Panel was announced as part of the June Feature Drop and makes it easier to control your smart home devices.
  • Instead of needing to open the app, Home Panel provides quick access from the Lock Screen or Quick Settings panel.

Over the past year, Google has been making a conscious and concerted effort to improve the experience when using the Google Home app. After the redesigned app was released in May 2023, Google is now bringing its “Home Panel” feature to owners of Pixel devices. 

This was announced as part of the June 2023 Feature Drop for owners of the best Pixel phones, and until now, has only been available on the Pixel Tablet. As noted by 9to5Google, Google Home’s latest update brings the Home Panel to more Pixel devices, including the Pixel Fold, Pixel 7a, and older Google phones.

The biggest benefit to using Home Panel is being able to quickly access and control your various smart home devices and accessories without opening the Google Home app. Instead, you can now control everything using either the Google Home Lock Screen shortcut or by taking advantage of the Home toggle in the Quick Settings panel. 

Home Panel controls on Pixel 7 Pro Lock Screen

(Image credit: Android Central)

After the update has rolled out, the Home Panel is broken into two different sections, with groups of devices at the top and your “Favorites” listed below. This might look rather familiar to many, as it’s the same interface you’ll see when accessing the Favorites tab within the Google Home app. 

In terms of actually controlling devices, you’ll be able to turn lights on and off without needing to unlock your device. But if you have any security

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